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Sipahh Straws 

October 14, 2015
Sipahh Straws

Sipahh straws are not only low in sugar but a great option for kids birthday parties. We learn more about Sipahh.

What child doesn't love a glass of milk with some flavour or adult for that matter. Mmmm....

When I saw these straws I couldn't resist trying them out. It has been a while since I've had a glass of milk with flavour, I was pleasantly surprised at how much flavour these straws provided without that sickly sweet taste. As you sip the milk flows up the straw capturing the flavour of the beads. Because the flavour beads are contained within the nifty straws, there is no more mess created from opening tins and the kids can have fun doing it themselves. Sippah straws provide a fun and healthier way to satisfy those milk treats with less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar, you won't feel guilty giving your child a little fun flavour in their milk.

Read more as we continue the Sipahh journey with Georgie Scott.

Sipahh Party 2

Tell us about the business, how it started and why?

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws were invented by a man named Peter Baron. Peter loved milk but what he didn’t like (at the time) was all of the flavoured milk powders and drinks that masked the goodness of milk and were full of too much sugar. So Peter, who happened to have an industrial design background, developed a straw that contained little beads of flavour and that was designed to be put into white milk and as the milk was sipped up through the straws, it would flavour it. Each straw contained less than ½ tsp sugar and the flavour choices that could be used were endless. He went on the popular TV show 'The New Inventors' and the concept soon became very popular. It launched in Australia and pretty soon he had patents on the product world-wide. It really is an Aussie success story. Kids all over the world enjoy white milk (or any dairy alternatives) and Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws, without an overload of sugar.

Sipahh actually turns 10 this month so the brand has certainly reached a milestone. We’d love to add up how much milk has been consumed through Sipahh straws in that time around the world. It would be millions and millions of litres.

What do you love most about your business/working with the company?

We are a small company in size, but not with the amount of work we get through. We get things done quickly and we can make things happen. What we all love most of all is that the brands we own (we have a few more other than Sipahh) are the sorts of brands you normally wouldn’t expect to find in the supermarket. They’re slightly more niche, special and interesting brands that you might expect to find in a lifestyle or upmarket department store. For example, Priya Body (, a range of beautiful soaps and body wash.

Sipahh Milk Tray

We love the name and think it is the perfect fit for the product.. Sipahh! Who came up with the name?

Peter Baron came up with the name.

Tell us a bit about the team behind the brand and business?

Sipahh Straws is owned by a small company based in Surry Hills in Sydney. We own a few interesting brands ourselves, and we also represent other brands that want to get into the Australian Grocery Trade. Most people that work here have worked for large food companies here in Australia, and overseas, and no longer wanted to work in the corporate environment. So we have a lot of very experienced people working here that want to work with and represent brands that consumers actually really connect with. For a small company, we do a lot but we have fun doing it.

Why should people choose Sipahh?

People should choose Sipahh because each straw contains less than ½ teaspoon of sugar and it makes drinking milk fun. We have over 18 different flavours to choose from such as Chilled Out Choc Mint, Okey Dokey Cookies and Cream, Smooth Caramel, Miss Ginger and Mr Bread. The list goes on..

Sipahh is about minimising the way we “mess with” milk. Sipahh is the way we can enjoy a nutritious and wholesome glass of milk with minimal interference. Very little sugar. Flavour choice. And a controlled portion.

Sipahh Girl

Share with us what the Sipahh party is all about?

Sipahh Milk Parties came about because a lot of parents started telling us that they were serving Sipahh Straws with milk at their kid’s birthday parties. They loved the fact it was lower in sugar than many of the usual lollies and chocolates served at parties and milk was great tummy filler. And this is not to mention the fact that our straws are presented in beautiful pastel coloured flow wraps, meaning that they not only provide a healthier alternative, they are visually appealing too. So we decided to develop a whole programme around catering ideas for special lower sugar parties. Serve the milk in old fashioned milk botttes or maison jars and accompany with some pastel coloured plates and serviettes and accompany with softly coloured balloons and bunting, and the birthday party theme looks gorgeous. We also have pop-up Sipahh Milk Bar to serve the straws and milk from – we find that some people love this old-fashioned theatre!

Sipahh Party 1

Share with us future projects or campaigns you are working on?

We have so many projects and campaigns here at Sipahh. We’re currently working on the winning flavours from a social media competition called ‘Do Us a Summer Flavour’ that we have just run. We asked our facebook community to suggest summer flavours that they’d like to see as part of our range. We had over 2000 entries so now we need to narrow it down to the top 10, and then we’ll ask our community to vote on the winning 5 flavours that will go into our limited edition packs that we’ll launch in store next year. We’ve just launched the limited edition pack into stores from last year’s competition called ‘Do Us a Winter Flavour’ and so far people are loving these new flavours.

What’s you favourite flavor?

It’s hard to say. They’re honestly all pretty amazing but my favourite one at the moment is Hello Marshmallow (it honestly tastes just like a marshmallow but with much less sugar AND the goodness of milk), closely followed by Mango Smoothie.

What are your favourite instagram pages?

Anything to do with yoga as I’m also very nearly a yoga teacher.

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