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Skip Hop Forget Me Not Review

January 27, 2016
Skip Hop Forget Me Not Review

The start of the school year is here and I’m having slight palpitations because my 3yr old (almost 4) starts Kindy this year.

Of course, this means finding a new bag, new lunchbox, new drink bottle and a big box of tissues for me to cry into. The search can sometimes take way too long, especially when you’re looking for something in particular.

But this year I came across the Skip Hop Forget Me Not range – and it totally had me fooled.

I thought it was going to be just like any other regular backpack and lunchbag we already owned (believe me, we’ve owned a few with our 5 kids and eleven years of parenting), but the Skip Hop Forget Me Not range has just topped my charts as by far the best.

The Forget Me Not range does what the name implies – the clever see through section at the front of the backpack means that you can tell just by glancing whether or not the lunchbag has made it into the backpack!

Cool huh? And just a little bit clever. Especially for busy parents scrambling to get organised in the mornings. Anything that gives me one less thing to think about is a winner.

We nabbed one of the Lightening designs, which Sam thought was pretty awesome.

I’ve always been a little wary of themed supplies, only because my kids have commitment issues and jump between “favourites” faster than you can sneak the last piece of chocolate into your mouth without the kids seeing. So for us, the Lightening pattern was the perfect solution to seeing us through another year, probably more.

With the pattern on fleek, we needed to road test usability. Afterall, there’s no point having the best looking gear in town if you can’t use it, right?


The backpack won Sam’s seal of approval for comfort, which I only knew because he wore it around the house for about 2hrs straight. Must get the tick of approval in the comfort department then too, I can only assume.

I incorrectly assumed that just because the Backpack fit a 3yr old perfectly, it meant that it wouldn’t fit standard size folders or books. It does!

I’m not sure how, but the only way I can think to describe it is that it’s like a Mary Poppins bag. There’s way more to it than what you would think! This includes a little clear section at the front for notes and forms etc. I can just see this getting used for precious show and tell pieces too.

My next mission was to set Sam up with some lunch outside to see just how much he could open himself.

He is either really dextrous or Skip Hop have nailed the whole kid-friendly aspect because Sam was able to open both containers in the Forget Me Not Lunchkit.

Together lunchbox

In fact, even my 2yr old Rhys could open the containers! Usually I have to distract him when he attempts to steal the other kids’ new things, but I let him have his moment with this stuff (much to Sam’s dismay at having to share his shiny new Kindy containers).

The clips on the Lunchkit are large and easy to flip open and shut, yet I didn’t at any point feel like they would spontaneously pop open to let the contents out. That’s probably due to the rubber seals.

forget me not lucnh

The Lunchkit fits inside the Lunchbag perfectly, with enough room for a couple of extra pieces too, plus an icepack.

skiphop for school

Now, my kids aren’t crazy for novelty pieces. In fact, they baulk at new or different things that they are not sure about. Sam’s probably the worst for this (typical 3yr old).

So when I showed him the Forget Me Not Insulated Food Jar, I was expecting some backlash. Nothing happened. Well, something happened. He took one look at the spork clipped to the side and was sold.

opening bottle1

The flexible holder on the side means he could independently get the spork on and off. So while that was a key factor for Sam, the fact that the stainless steel body could keep the contents cool (or warm) for up to 7hrs was a winner for me.

Once again, anything that makes life easier in our crazy house is a guaranteed favourite.

When I spied the velcro on the side of the drinkbottle, my first thought was THANK GOODNESS. Finally a drink bottle that can attach to anything.

Now, most parents will know that our school/kindy drink bottles also come with us to other places outside of school hours. For us, that means that I’m forever trying to fit 5 x water bottles in a bag. But with the Forget Me Not Drink Bottle, I can now attach it to the side of the bag, or even onto the stroller for easy access.

The top closes over really smoothly, so that the straw stays clean (yay!), plus the spare straw definitely comes in handy too.

skiphop flatlay

Oh, and I can safely say that Skip Hop have delivered in the quality department too. The Backpack and Lunchbox are beautifully made, but most importantly, they are durable. The zips don’t give any hints that they’ll break EVER. The Lunchkit, the Insulated Food Jar and the Drink Bottle all carry the quality that we’ve grown to expect from Skip Hop, which means that chances are Sam will be able to keep using the Forget Me Not range as he grows.

Oh Forget Me Not, where have you been all my life????

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