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Snotty - Learn & Shop 

March 27, 2015
Snotty - Learn & Shop

Ever found yourself in a sticky situation when your little one has a snotty or blocked nose and it’s extremely difficult to remove the mucus? Maybe they hate nose blowing, or maybe they’re just too young to know how. Regardless, it can be very uncomfortable for the child and very irritating and potentially distressing for the parent!

That's where Snotty comes in. Snotty has created a range of nasal products for the littlies. Snotty One, and Snotty Too are nasal aspirators that ensure your child’s nose can be clear within seconds. The aspirators are user friendly, ergonomically designed, portable and require only 2 x AA batteries- making them a heaven sent for sick child with a blocked or runny nose (and for Mum and Dad!).

The aspirators use a steady gentle suction that was previously only otherwise available in hospitals. The tip of the aspirator is made of soft silicone to ensure comfort to the child’s delicate nose and the included zipper storage pouch provides convenience and cleanliness when storing or transporting your Snotty One.

The Snotty One is fully submergible making it no hassle to clean. Both aspirators have a removable mucus cup and appropriate parts which are suitable for sterilization.

With no filters or cups to be replaced, Snotty products have no ongoing costs.

Snotty covers all bases when it comes to clearing noses (nasal aspiration). Snotty's range includes nasal sprays, manual aspirators, mouth suction aspirators and most popular of all, Australia's first battery operated Snotty One and Snotty Too aspirators, ensuring your child’s comfort and healthy breathing habits.

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Snotty products have helped thousands of families through their blocked noses and continue to provide relief and piece of mind to parents and children alike.

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