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May 09, 2014

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What do astronauts, princesses and trampolines all have in common with bed-time?

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Can Dutch design do any wrong?

That would be a resounding no, as Snurk’s first-ever children’s bed linen collection proves.

The range of three designs (using the best grade Portuguese cotton) is absolutely, positively genius and taps into the night time fantasies and faraway dreams of many a little person.

What girl hasn’t gone to bed thinking of herself as a princess living in a fairy-tale wonderland? And what boy hasn’t pulled the covers tight and pretended he was an astronaut getting ready to be blasted into outer-space? And how much fun would bed time be if it was in fact trampoline time instead (well, the pretend version at least)?

Serious questions, all answered seriously creatively by Snurk.

How, exactly? Well, they’ve printed life-sized photographic images of an astronaut space suit, a princess dress, and an aerial shot of a trampoline on each of the designs in the range. Now that’s clever.

In short – little ones lie down (in the case of the costume prints, their heads are perfectly in-line with the space suit or the princess dress) and the imagining begins. In a brilliant touch Snurk has even copied the astronaut suit from a real-life version in the Dutch Space Expo Museum. And don’t forget the pillows! The Astronaut of course goes to bed with his head perfectly placed on his helmet, whilst the princess goes to bed with her head crowned by a tiara.

Five, four, three, two, one… We have lift-off to a night full of dreams!

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