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Some ‘Food for Thought’ from the Bellamy’s Organic Event

May 31, 2018
Some ‘Food for Thought’ from the Bellamy’s Organic Event

With motherhood comes a lot of advice and a big sense of responsibility. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed as a new mum.

Bellamy’s Organic hosted a unique event in May, ‘Food for Thought’, where Rachael Finch, Midwife Cath and Susie Burrell had an open and honest conversation about the hardest and most rewarding job in the world – motherhood.

As they discussed key topics such as wellness and nutrition, it was reassuring and empowering to hear from these mothers the importance of listening to your mother’s instinct and doing what is right for you and your baby. As Rachael Finch expressed, one of her biggest lessons she has learnt as a new mum is to not be too hard on yourself – “motherhood is not about ticking boxes.”

The event had a wonderful atmosphere. The St Kilda Surf Life Saving club had a stunning view with the beautiful calm ocean. Little minds were kept occupied at a craft station while mamas were able to share stories and listen to the panel. We also loved tucking into the lovely organic feast – the zesty avocado toasts were amazing!

We really enjoyed the ‘real talk’ with the panel and would love to share with you our three favourite lessons from the morning.

Look after you

The love you feel for your little one is so powerful. You want to ensure that they are well fed, are in a safe sleeping environment, happy - the list goes on! As a result, it can be easy to forget about your own nutrition and wellness.

When you start to neglect your own wellbeing, it is difficult to give stay energised, which is why it is important to look after you too, especially after you have just delivered a baby.

Rachael Finch knows this feeling all too well as a new mother, and shared that through making an effort to have some "me time" every day such as yoga that she was able to feel more refreshed, energised and in control.

Dietitian Susie Burrell shared with us some tips for what areas on nutrition you should be focussing on in particular. A big one was keeping your iron levels up as eating iron gives you the energy boost you need.

Trust your instinct

Midwife Cath prosed the question to the audience: "Do you use the internet for nutrition and parenting advice?" As you can imagine, a large number of hands were up in the air!

There are so many questions we have as new mums and an endless amount of advice online. Firstly, it is difficult to decipher which pieces of advice are actually written by an 'expert' and secondly, it can be really hard not to compare you and your baby's progress to others.

As Rachael Finch pointed out, "Google is just as much a friend as it is an enemy". Be mindful when reading feeding and parenting tips online that there isn't a one size fits all rulebook. Listen to your intuition and trust your mother's instinct to do what is right for you and your baby.

On that note, social media is amazing too, but remember that it often presents motherhood through a rose-tinted lense. Don't be hard on yourself!

Tackling eating habits

Knowing how much to feed your little ones and when can be a bit of an obstacle course!

Rachael Finch expressed to Susie Burrell that she sometimes feeds her daughter Violet a very big meal at lunch as she can be incredibly hungry.

Susie Burrell recommends feeding your little one's their dinner at lunch because sometimes they are often not as hungry at night. This way you can ensure that they will get all of their important nutrients.

Susie Burrell also advises not to go overboard with snacks to make sure your little one eats their main meals. A fruit fix in the morning and cheese & cucumber sticks in afternoon is one of her suggestion's for snacks. Balance is key!









We hope you enjoyed reading about this event. If you are looking for some nutritious baby formula, then be sure and check out the Bellamy's Organic product range.

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