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Spencer's Room | Piper Bug Mama

February 28, 2018
Spencer's Room | Piper Bug Mama

Content creator, illustrator, stylist and mama! Ruby from @piperbugmama is an absolute star and we are thrilled to be sharing her little guys room with you on the blog today.

The room is absolutely gorgeous.

Ruby has thought of everything - from a little corner for her son to play and read to a stylish shelf to keep very special treasures out of reach!

Enjoy reading the interview, browsing the gallery and shopping the look below.


Tell us about yourself and how Piper Bug mama began.

I am ruby, A boy/fur mama, my Spencer is 2 in April, and his big sister Piper (puppy) was 7 just last week!

I stumbled on this little journey when i started posting pics of the nursery i was creating for the baby on instagram + one thing sort of led to another. I am a little bit particular with detail so i guess for me it was easy to create a feed that blended well. I had my own small business at the time creating baby wares in my own designs which i stopped for a while after having Spen + during that time my styling and photography became less hobby more full time so here we are. I have since reopened my little store on the side but over here i am creating content all the time with photography, styling and illustration/graphic design

How would you describe your style?

Probably very muted and a little bit vintage. I love love love a classic feel for babies and small kids!

You recently announced that you are going to inject more colour into Spen's room! What sparked the change?

I added a fair bit of dusty blue tones, i was going a little brighter because i almost felt a little pressured that small kids should have this, but he has alot of bright colours elsewhere and i wanted to keep his room special, where his most important treasures live. It was previously very monochrome as i love that but i wanted to make sure it was less about my style and more about his space and he loves blue so thats what we went with!

What advice to you give to parents in regard to achieving the perfect balance between Instagram interiors trends and practicality?

uhmm, for me safety is a big thing, you'll notice theres no pictures of his cot, which cost me a bomb and is so beautiful but its literally the only thing in its corner of the room because i just feel like safety really trumps styling. That sounds so ridiculous, but for me theres just absolutely no risk, i'm a little OTT about safety but i think its important. I do think that the good thing about insta interiors is alot of it is so well made, often made in Aus so sometimes is probably more practical then what you might find in a chain store. I am trying to think of something in Spens room that just isn't practical but i really can't. His decor is all things he really honestly does use, he looooves his wood toys + his books. He does have shelf out of reach for his bits and bobs he isn't quite old enough for yet but otherwise its pretty much his space his stuff.

Which items of decor or furniture do you think new parents should invest in the most?

As a new mama, the most practical decor item we had was a My little joy floor cushion, weve still got a few mini ones for decor (white one pictured) but for a new bub, it was just fantastic. Just the right shape, height etc to pop a little bub on when you just need to put them down for a bit (not for use without you present) weve keep floor cushions in spences room from nursery to now, now we have a firmer Onyx and Smoke box seat, which is so great for him to tuck into his little teepee and read his books.

Definitely a staple item for us + these two brands are the best in the biz!

Also, a really decent cot. We actually had a very impractical cot originally, bought because it was cute and grey but absolutly no sturdiness to it which i didnt really realise was important until Spen started to stand and climb etc, so we ended up investing in one which was i think $1500 (the previous only $400) and its fantastic, well worth the money and for #2 i will definitely do that straight up. I thought a cot was a cot! #nope

There are some wonderful small businesses that you support! Which new ones would you like to share with us?

Yes ok, i have so many i love and support but the most prominent in Spencers room are-

  • Cattywumpus
  • Onyx and Smoke
  • Jack and Willow (99.95% of Spens decor + toys)
  • Keepsakes by Nicoleta
  • Rugs of beauty
  • Alpha Board Co
  • This paper book
  • zilvi
  • Little willow vintage
  • Oh ivy
  • Osthimer Aus
  • Dinoraw
  • My little joy
  • Coco and lotus









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