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Springfree Smart Trampoline Review

December 01, 2016
Springfree Smart Trampoline Review

First, they redefined backyard safety, removing all the problem areas associated with causing trampoline-related injuries, and providing families with The World’s Safest Trampoline. Now, the clever folk from Springfree Trampoline are back, only this time they are moving into the digital age, with the world’s first Smart Trampoline.

That’s right, the Smart Trampoline is now a thing and there is no denying it is pretty damn awesome!

It is no secret that outdoor play is a big part of healthy growth, learning, development and well-being for children. Springfree Trampoline has introduced the Smart Trampoline in a bid to turn digital time into active, healthy outdoor play!

Committed to getting kids outside and active again, Springfree have transformed the humble backyard trampoline into an interactive game system that engages the entire family in active backyard fun.

As the name would suggest, Springfree’s Smart Trampoline is pure genius! Sensors on the mat detect your every move, and your jumps control fun, educational and active games on your tablet via Bluetooth. Simply download the accompanying (free) tgoma app and you’re good to go!

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Encouraging coordination, creative thinking and exer-learning, the apps and games cover everything from maths and literacy, to puzzles, patterns and more. There is even a fitness app designed purely for Mums and Dads, featuring guided workouts, goal setting and real-time stats to help keep busy adults fit and healthy (that’s right, the kids don’t get to have all the fun!)

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Shifting kid’s behaviour from indoor inactive play to outdoor active fun, the Smart Trampoline encourages more jumping more often, introducing a new way to play for the whole family. Winner of two 2016 Australian Good Design Awards for Product and Digital Design, the Springfree Smart Trampoline is a great way to get the whole family active and outdoors.

A Springfree Trampoline is the ultimate Christmas gift!

Make 2017 the year your family gets healthy and active outdoors with the Springfree Trampoline Smart Trampoline, available on Tinitrader..

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