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Stuck On You, Name Labels and Personlised Gifts for Kids

October 05, 2015
Stuck On You, Name Labels and Personlised Gifts for Kids

We were excited to interview Carrie Felton from Stuck on You, an Australian owned business that has been keeping families organised for over 20 years.

We at Tinitrader love this company, as a Mum with a little one, Stuck on You has been my best friend and saved me on many occasions. I discovered the brand when my little one started Kinder, in his first week he lost three items! I voiced my frustration to a fellow mother and she recommended I check out Stuck On You.

The extensive range of labelling solutions meant that I could label everything from items of clothing through to lunch box accessories, I was even able to purchase him a personalised bag and lunch box. We never lost anything again. Phew!

When buying name labels for your kids from Stuck on You, you are purchasing with the knowledge that they have been in business for 20 years, their reputation is based upon word of mouth referrals from other Mums and Dads, which is always reassuring.

Whilst immensely practical, making it easy to locate kids property, children also love to see their names on label and what better way to label than with these bright and interactive designs.

No more mix ups or missing belongings, Stuck on You makes life easy for kids, and parents.

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Tell us about the business, how it started and why?

When my eldest son Charlie started at creche – he is about to turn 21! I was asked to label EVERYTHING! I approached a local printer and created some very cute but basic labels for him – at a ridiculously expensive $75 for 15 labels! It was a lightbulb moment when all the other parents started asking for the labels! I asked them what they had been using and they said a marker pen and a bandaid – I thought that was pretty fowl – Stuck On You was born!

What do you love most about your business/working with the company?

I love the collaborative environment I work in, everyone here is creative and innovative and it makes coming into work and looking for new ways to help families get organised really enjoyable! We are such a team and everyone has a voice I just love working with such a great group of people. I love working with young mums who tell me what THEY need!

Stuck on you labels

Tell us about the team behind the brand and business?

As a team we have great vision and understanding, we work together we work hard and we laugh a lot. Everyone has input and we value everyone’s opinion. It is full on, incredibly fast paced and we love it being that way.

Why choose Stuck on You?

I always believe that businesses who are the creatures always have the most passion and are all about doing things the hard way but the best way. We started personalised labels in fact we were the first people to dot them anywhere in the world – well you could buy sew on name tapes from England back then – so we have always lead the way. Everything we do is always about quality, it is always about offering incredible service and it is all about innovation and offering mums a product they can trust. We sold our labels in 127 countries last year so I think that speaks volumes.

Stuck on you labels 2

Where do you get your inspiration?

Wow how does everywhere sound! I travel an enormous amount, I have a huge group of friends outside of work, I never stop moving so I am always looking, Social Media plays a part. I often see things out of the corner of my eye and then the lightbulb goes on. To be honest I think I get my inspiration from just being alive!!

What are your favourite Stuck on You items? Why?

This is difficult, to be honest if I didn’t like something it would not be in our product range, we have some incredible new products coming out later in the year that I just love – sorry you will have to wait to find out about them. So for now I just love our new muslin wraps we monogram them and they are just beautiful I love the fact they are packaged in a muslin bag as I give them to everyone as a gift. I also cannot go past our labels apart from being super cute they are just so functional, I still use them on everything for my family including my husband's belongings. See now you have got me started I cannot stop but I will just mention one other and that is the wooden puzzles love love love. Oh and our backpacks and lunchboxes… I will stop now.

Stuck on you muslin and bags

What are your favourite Instagram pages?

Mamamia Kidspot

Check out the full range of inspirational labelling solutions from Stuck on You.