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“Summer Crush” Birthday Bash | Party Tips & Tricks

December 02, 2016
“Summer Crush” Birthday Bash | Party Tips & Tricks

Styling & Words by Sally Bernard of Inside Four Lines Photography by Julieanne Perara

The GREAT BIG Party Plan

Ok. So I will let you in on a little secret…

Parties need planning. Yep, it’s true!

Whether it be a first, fourteenth or fortieth birthday you are celebrating, things are sure to run much more smoothly with a plan.

In my case, the “Summer Crush” Birthday Bash was to celebrate the sixth birthday of my son, Chase.

pop the popper

Let’s get this party started

Firstly, make sure you allow yourself enough time to plan and execute your party – think invites, decorations, food prep, presents. Around one to two months out from the event, as a guide, should enable you to get things done.

Then the fun begins!

I generally like to work with a theme – this can be a favourite character, story, toy, colour, the list goes on. Get creative, use your imagination and have some fun!

The inspiration for this particular party began when I spotted the We Love Sundays Kitiya Palaskas – Art Series Treat Bags. I had a chat with the party boy and we made some decisions to incorporate his favourite colour yellow into the decorations, his love of caramel into the food & one huge Popsicle Pinata to set the day off with a bang!

pinata party

You’re Invited

Write a guest list. This will allow you to gauge the number of Watermelon Plates, Pineapple Straws, Party Poppers & Jelly Cups you will need to invest in for the big day!

table setting good
I enlisted the help of Ginger Monkey to create customised invitations to send to friends & print to use on the food table, doubling as a memento to keep from the special day.

invites ginger monkey

Think outside the box

When it comes to decorating, there are no rules. I like to incorporate some presents into the fun – a Sunny Life Beach Radio, Tiny Style Watermelon Cushion, Olli & Ella Garland, Tiger Tribe Beach Box & Treehouse Republic ‘The Beach Boys’ T-shirt & ‘Bird Print’ Shorts were just right for our Summer Lovin’ Day!


gifts insert oin blog

Balloons and foliage created the perfect backdrop and fruit was used to achieve height and colour. And why not throw a skateboard on the table?! It is a children’s party after all!


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yummy cake

drinks with straws

glitter on shoe

more popcorn

party good 2

sunnylife pineapple straws


wall decor

watermelon cushion tniy style

watermelon pop