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Test Driving the Volvo XC90 | Tinitrader Mums

Real Tinitrader Mum, Kerri Turner, test drives the new Volvo XC90. See what she has to say in our review.

When I first had my twins, my husband and I decided that we needed a serious car that was safe and big enough to fit a ginormous twin pram. We test drove loads of cars, however it was hard to go past the Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon. Great safety, super comfortable, cool in a daggy kind of way and great value for money.

A lot has changed in the 10 years since I became “another bloody Volvo driver” and so has the Volvo family of cars. I now drive a XC60 – A clever combination of spacious interior and snappy performance.

This SUV is a little like a Mary Poppins handbag - it is amazing what I can fit in this car while still leaving space for the kids in the back seat and a golden retriever in the boot! I initially purchased the XC60 as it has the added benefit of pop-up seats in the back seat which, from a certain age, perform the same duty as booster car seats meaning you don't need car seats. Massive bonus!

The newest member of the Volvo family is the Volvo XC90. This car has some serious street cred and seems to be winning awards all over the world. Not only is it really, really good looking but also amazingly practical.

I was given the opportunity to drive the new XC90 by our friends at Bilia Volvo.

The Volvo XC90 oozes luxury. Super roomy yet easy to drive, you certainly don't feel like you are driving a huge car. And while the XC90 does have an endless list of safety features I could rattle off, what I really loved were those features that simply make life easier with kids. The seat configuration is a big one. I have two children, various pets and often have a few extra kids in the car, so having a 7-Seater was extremely handy. The kids jumped in and out, easily sorting out the seats by folding them up and down etc without me touching a thing. Brilliant!

The XC90 also boasts other fantastic features such as zoned climate control, 360degree camera option and it even parks itself – it is just like having your very own private valet to park your car for you!!

My neighbour was checking out the car and he literally squealed when he saw the cars fuel efficiency. Personally, I am hopeless with these sorts of things, but he seemed to think it was pretty impressive!

Life is busy with work and kids. Having a cool car that is practical, fuel efficient and comfortable is a massive bonus. I might just have a little chat with my husband about moving in to the XC90 for our next car!

Thanks to Bilia Volvo for loaning me the car for a couple of days. I certainly travelled in style and was the envy of plenty of parents at school pickup!

Learn more at Volvo Bilia

Visit Volvo Cars Bilia South Yarra at 441 Malvern Road, South Yarra.