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The OnTray from Thanks Mum

May 22, 2015
The OnTray from Thanks Mum

This week we feature Thanks Mum, a specialized store dedicated to sourcing clever products which are, quite literally, sanity saving!

The Thanks Mum specialized store all started when Monica saw how many talented parents were coming up with their own time and mess saving inventions (If only we had a dollar for every time we’ve said “that would be a great idea..”!).

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You can see how Monica’s dedication to finding and pulling great ideas together has taken off with Thanks Mum being a one stop shop for products that will make life easier for parents.

One of the stand out products Monica has discovered during her Thanks Mum journey is the OnTray which Monica now exclusively stocks and distributes through Thanks Mum.

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So, what is OnTray?

The OnTray is a clever invention allowing a streamlined shopping experience with young children when out and about.

The OnTray is a BPA free, clip on, sealable snack box allowing Mum’s to keep kids entertained when at the supermarket or shops. The on tray features a slide-on section and effortlessly attaches to the shopping cart freeing up both little and big hands for other tasks while your child snacks or plays.

Instead of lugging a bulky lunchbox around or making a mess with loose food, the OnTray allows you to easily capture crumbs or use as a support for toys while pushing the trolley or pram around.

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How does the OnTray work?

Simply clip on and go! Designed for ease and simplicity, the OnTray can be assembled in seconds. Best of all, the tray is small enough to keep in your handbag meaning you can access on the go and easily clean by putting through the dishwasher.

You can also use the OnTray to hold your shopping list, calculator or even your mobile phone. The uses are endless!

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Monica knew she was on to something that worked when her kids continued demanding the OnTray every shopping trip and you can see why!

Shop the entire range of clever products sourced by Monica at thanks Thanks Mum, now on Tinitrader

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