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The Best Prezzies for Boys this Christmas

November 09, 2019
The Best Prezzies for Boys this Christmas

Find the perfect gift for your little boy this Christmas!

This gift guide lists the most in demand toys, conveniently organised by price for boys thanks to Maling Road Toyshop - making your Christmas shop a whole lot easier this year.

Maling Road Toyshop is a children's store in Victoria that offer a wide selection of fashion, furniture, decor, toys and books, showcasing innovative design for children to be enjoyed by the whole family, making it the perfect gift destination!

If you live locally, be sure to pop into the Maling Road Toyshop for a personalised Christmas shopping experience.

Address: 4 Theatre Place, Canterbury, VIC 3126, Australia


Anything to do with robotics is sure to win your boy's heart over and Silverlit's Robotic Dog will do just that! Dackel, the robotic dog has an extensible, accordion body that allows him to stretch to 40 cms! He also follows commands, chases after his ball and reacts to hand movements just like a real dog.


For the active boys, this Micro Scooters', Micro Black Scooter is a great gift. Featuring a sleek design and an easy folding action, this scooter will be your boy's new favourite way to get around town!


And for the younger boys who are aspiring dare devils, the Lekker Commuter Bike is a great option for those who are just learning to ride a bike. This bike has training wheels and an extremely light weight design that makes it easy for kids to use, whilst also being safe for them.



For kids that may be budding doctors, this Janod Body Magnet set is a great gift for your boy to learn more about the human body and what each body part does through an easy magnet set!


A great gift under $100 that will entertain both father and son is the Hexbug Vex Robotic Arm. This set contains over 350 pieces to create a robotic arm that is sure to spark a future career with science. This toy will help develop problem solving skills and also features 2 different builds for a further challenge!



If you are about to go on a family holiday after Christmas and are dreading entertaining the kids during travel time, this Olli Ella, Play n Pack set may be an incredibly handy present. It includes stickers, crayons, wooden trains and Alphabet cards to keep your little troublemaker, very busy!


For an affordable robotic building set, 4M's Green Science Rover Robot set is perfect. This particular robot runs on solar energy, teaching kids about renewable resources, alongside stimulating the brain and allowing them to build and learn as they go!



This Schylling Jumbo Box of Magic Tricks is a perfect stocking stuffer for any boy! There are 75 tricks to learn inside this box that'll keep your kids busy for the rest of the Summer school holidays!


For any budding detectives, this 4M Detective Fingerprint Kit will spark some crime fighting inspiration whilst educating your boy on how clues are found at the scene of the crime and more about forensics!


To shop the whole range of boys' toys from Maling Road Toyshop, click here