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These Walls | Meet Sara Hingle

These Walls | Meet Sara Hingle

We talk to Sara Hingle of These Walls about bringing the romance of wallpaper back into the interiors world!

Tell us a bit about you/ how you came into the world of design?

My illustration work led me to some creative briefs which required me to learn how to create patterns.

I found that it was the perfect mix of illustration and design and, as I have always loved the world of interiors – it inspired my new direction and These Walls was created.


Can you remember the first piece you commissioned/ made? What did that feel like?

Wallpaper was my first product created… When the idea for These Walls sparked, it felt as though there only a very small handful of beautiful wallpaper being produced in Australia.

I felt as though it was something that I would love to create and the more I began to research and develop the idea and range, the more in love with the idea of These Walls I became.

I had a really positive response to the First Collection which was just so encouraging.

What do you love about DFC…Design. Fabrication and Creation?

I love seeing my designs come to life and immerse into people's homes, becoming a part of their conversations of living and memories.

I have previously worked in publishing where the life-span of a design or illustration was so fleeting - a flick or a read and then possibly never to be seen again.

There's something lovely about a textile design becoming a part of someone's home and being loved or providing comfort.


If these walls could talk…what would say about your day-to day. Is the business 9-5?

Sometimes, I wish! But no - my business absolutely revolves around my family and I never take that for granted.

With my two boys being quite young still, I work school hours typically, together with a lot of early sessions before the family wakes so that I can stay on top of things.

Being a small business, every day can be different - emails, admin, creative, packing orders, co-ordinating production.

Although, there are some consistencies day-to-day … cuddles, love for what I do and coffee!

There has definitely been a wallpaper revival in the interiors world atm. What are your top tips/ recommendations for choosing wallpaper so that empowers/ rather than overwhelms the room?

If your aim is to overpower a room, then great - make it sing with a bold print and colour way!

But if you are after a design to compliment a room then choose a design and colour way that 'speaks to you'.

Go with your initial gut reaction, if you say "ooh" when you are looking, then chances are once it is installed, you are likely to say "ah!" - in a good way!

It could still be a large print, but in a muted or one-colour scheme it may work to balance within your space.


Do you have a ‘typical customer’- tell us about him or her?

There is no typical customer at These Walls. Our designs are installed in both residential and commercial interiors and all over the world :)

It is also our hope to appeal to both a male and female sensibility, aesthetically.

Mono-maybe? Will black and white be in our lives forever…is this trend here to stay?

Black and white is classic. And anything that is classic in my eyes - is here to stay!

Where to next? What does your next business steps look like?

We just shot our new collection yesterday! The new wallpaper designs are soon to be launched, along with some cushions and also fabrics available by the metre. Stay tuned ; )

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