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Tinta Crayons

April 04, 2017
Tinta Crayons

Created by two Melbourne mums in mid-2015, Tinta Crayons emerged from a discovery that asbestos was found in five brands of crayons on sale in Australia!

Horrified that these dangerous crayons weren't recalled and that crayon contamination is happening more and more frequently, Maria Fletcher set upon her journey to create a safe, eco-friendly and fun set of crayons.

Tinta then joined forces with her wonderful neighbour Maria Porto who had helped pack boxes and test prototypes with her own children.

The result? Tinta Crayons are:

  • Made from organic waxes that are farmed sustainably (the exact recipe is top secret, but the main ingredient is eco-friendly Australian beeswax!)

  • Hand-poured and packed in Melbourne in many different shapes

  • Packaged in 100% recyclable materials which are sourced from within Australia

  • Contain no nasty palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes

  • Big and chunky - perfect for little fingers!

  • Come in many different shapes to encourage imaginative play, drawing and colouring (our favourite is the t-rex!)

In addition to other popular designs including dinosaurs, fairies, animals and more; Tinta Crayons have released three festive Easter designs which are a fantastic gift idea.

Tinta’s ‘egg’ crayons are the perfect non-chocolate gift for creative kids this Easter. Each set contains six ‘eggs’ in six different colour each with their own unique design.

Designed to celebrate Easter while sparking little (and big) imaginations, these hand poured crayons withstand the heat of the tightest grip while giving a gorgeous colour pay-off.

While chocolate eggs will be gone in minutes, this gift from Tinta Crayons will ensure the joy of Easter lasts long after the morning egg hunt is over.

We just love that these Easter eggs won't leave the kids with a sugar high!

Tinta Crayons Easter Eggs

These Tinta Crayons Easter Eggs are beautifully decorated, moulded crayons that will delight children. The six half-eggs are nestled into a beautiful kraft box.

Easter 6s side 600x600

Tinta Crayons Mixed Easter

This set has six crayons that will and will delight all children. The four half-eggs are packaged together in the carton to look like a complete Easter egg, and the 3-d bunny and chick stand independently.

Easter mixed box angle 600x600

Tinta Crayons Easter Dozen

Cute as a button in egg-carton packaging, the Tinta Crayons Easter Dozen has Easter egg and bunny shaped crayons in all the colours of the rainbow.

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