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Tips for Choosing Your Kids' Swimwear 

January 15, 2016
Tips for Choosing Your Kids' Swimwear

We always look forward to a few months of hot, beach and pool weather, which means it's time to get the kids into some new swimwear!

When you have young children it’s hard not to size up when you buy swimwear – you want them to last more than one season but often, that’s just not going to happen. Choose wisely and you might get two seasons out of your swimwear; girls are particularly tricky with one piece swimsuits, but there are options out there.

When choosing one piece bathers for my older girls, I try to find swimsuits that have adjustable straps, so that we can lengthen the straps as they grow to get more than one season’s wear out of them. Adjustable drawstrings at the bottom are handy too, if you can find them. Tankinis are a good option too, and even better if they have adjustable straps on the top, for an extra comfortable and secure fit. You still get the look and comfort of a one piece swimsuit, but will likely get more wear out of them

The younger your children, the more sun smart you need to be. My girls aged 5, 4 and 15 months are all still wearing rashies most of the time in the sun, especially for days at the beach. They not only protect their shoulders, neck and back from the sun, but keep them a bit warmer when they’re in the water and when wet they keep them cool when playing on the sand.

I love the swimsuit sets with matching rashies, my girls still feel like they’re wearing nice bathers but they keep Mummy happy in keeping their sensitive skin covered.

Heavenlee Swim make a great swimsuit with matching rashie for girls, and I love that the sides on the swimsuit are adjustable with drawstrings for an extra fitted fit.

Another great idea is the one piece rashie suit which is especially good for infants like my 15 month old. One step further than one piece bathers, it offers extra sun protection but is still a comfortable one piece.

For extra special bathers, the new range of Heaven Lee swimsuits for little girls is just so divine, with ruffles on the bottom they look so special. And the Bobbi Sunshine one piece swimsuits look so cute – a great pair as a gift or for that special holiday away.


Kids Board Shorts

Board shorts are an investment – buy the right fit and design and your boy will want to wear them all summer long, in and out of the water.

Drawstring at the waist are handy, because they will mean a secure and comfortable fit. Button fly is also a good idea so they don’t come undone when kids get active in the water.

The Munster Kids range is a particular favourite, with cool street style designs that are bright and fun for boys. Such great prints they’ll want to wear them as shorts as well as in the water.

For swimming lessons, the shorter styles may be more practical and comfortable, drying quicker and making it easier to kick your legs, like Minti Boys and Euro Style shorter board shorts. Chlorine proof and a firmer fit, they’re perfect for swimming and fun days at the beach or pool.

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Kids Sun Hats

A hat is a hat is a hat, but I think for children the wider the brim the better, for added protection for their face and neck. Especially when they’re under 12 months of age, and likely to be less active than the older kids.

For babies and infants, hats with a drawstring under the neck are better for outdoors so they don’t fall off or lose them – Babes in the Shade have a good selection of hats for boys and girls that are wide brimmed and have drawstrings.

I find the hats that are made from the same fabric as swimwear are great for smaller children, because they can wear them in the water and they won’t go out of shape or have the colour run when they get them wet.

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Kids Beach Towels

I’m a big fan of the hooded towel – not only do they look cute and keep kids warm, but they’re so easy for them to just throw on as soon as they get out of the water. They don’t have to dry themselves, as soon as the towel’s on, they’re dry!

The Terri Rich ones with the front zipper are such cute designs and they have an extra-large hood for keeping kids warm and dry straight out of the water, and aren’t too long that they’ll fall over running around in them at the beach.

They also make a really cute robe, which is great idea for chucking on straight out of the pool, especially good for swimming lessons when they’re wet and tired!

The poncho-style towels are so handy to have too, as kids can easily throw them on over their heads and take them off again, like the HeavenLee ones for boys and girls. They’re good for sun protection too, keeping their shoulders and neck covered when out of the water.

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Top 10 Kids Swimwear Brands

Quality over quantity when it comes to swimwear – so I suggest getting one pair of bathers for swimming lessons, a rashie and rashie bottoms for outdoors at the beach or the pool and another pair of bathers for both.

You get what you pay for, so while inexpensive bathers might be an attractive option, over summer you will wash them and wash them, so the better the quality the longer they will last.

The Chlorine resistant ones are great because the fabric is stronger and after rinse in clean water will look as good as new after the pool.

My Top 10 favourite swimwear brands for their quality, bright colourful designs and styles are:

  1. HeavenLee
  2. Munster Kids
  3. Oovy
  4. Salty Ink
  5. Platypus
  6. Seafolly
  7. Rock Your Baby
  8. Minti
  9. Bobbi Sunshine
  10. Babes in the Shade

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