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De-mystifying Tog Ratings | Our Handy Guide

De-mystifying Tog Ratings | Our Handy Guide

Tog ratings, what are they and how do I know what suits my baby best?

Creating a safe sleeping environment for your child

As a parent, creating a safe sleeping environment is critical for your child. Ensuring you have the correct bedding, including selecting correct sleeping bags and swaddles, is crucial when ensuring your sleep space is the safe.

When you are on the hunt for a new baby swaddle or sleeping bag, you will come across the term “tog rating”, however may not really know what it is. That's where we come in to help!

ergoPouch 0.3tog organic cotton blue

So, what is a tog rating?

A “tog rating” refers to the measure of thermal resistance. Put simply, it is a way of measuring the warmth of a baby swaddle or sleeping bag and helps you decide what one is right for you and your baby.

When looking at a sleeping bag's tog rating remember, the smaller the tog number, the lighter or cooler the sleeping bag will be and higher the tog number, the warmer the sleeping bag will be.

How do I know what tog rating to choose?

Selecting the correct tog rated sleeping bag or swaddle helps ensure your baby stays at a comfortable temperature all night long, helping them sleep safe and sound.

Most sleeping bags start at 0.3 tog, which is a summer sleeping bag all the way through to a 3.5 tog. There are also sleeping bags with varying tog ratings in between, which are perfect for Autumn or Spring months.


What should a baby wear under a sleeping bag?

While it's important you select the correct sleeping bag according to season, there are a number of important external factors that need to be considered when determining which tog rating should be used.

These factors include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby’s health. It is important to check on your child to ensure they are not too hot or cold.

All these factors need to be taken in to consideration when selecting the most suitable sleeping bag for your child.

what to wear

What are the best sleep products for my baby?

With so many sleep products on the range, it can be overwhelming when deciding where to begin!

Here at Tinitrader, we are massive fans of the award winning ergoPouch range of sleeping products including their swaddle, sleep suit and sleeping bag collections.

The ergoPouch range starts at a 0.3 tog, which is their summer sleeping bag. Their warmest is their ergoPouch Winter Sleeping Bag or SleepSuit Bag, which has a 3.5 tog. There are also ergoPouch sleeping bags with varying tog ratings in between, which are perfect for Autumn or Spring.

All ergoPouch products are made from natural fibres, improving breathability and keeping baby's body at an even temperature. ergoPouch's sleep products are perfect for all seasons without the need for blankets. Whether you’re swaddling a newborn or have a toddler on the move, there is an ergoPouch to give your family a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.