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The Top 10 Kids Homeware Trends For 2015

December 30, 2015
The Top 10 Kids Homeware Trends For 2015

We sat down to discuss the top trending kids homewares for 2015 and found we were struggling to limit this list to just 10 top trends. There are so many new and interesting brands that came onto the market in 2015. However there were some clear trends and stand out products that we kept returning to!

1. Monochrome Look

Stylists and Mums enjoyed styling nurseries and kid’s rooms with a sophisticated black and white colour palette. Fun was added with punches of colour and crazy prints.

La De Dah continues to be a favourite at Tinitrader. We love their monochrome selection.

2. Metallics

Who doesn't love a little bling! Incy Interiors have captured our love of the metallics in their latest range of cots and beds, featuring stunning rose gold and silver finishes. Their iconic cots and beds couldn't be any cooler!

We are also loving the metallic accessories from brands and stores such as Rock Your Baby, Kido Store, and Tutu Du Monde!

3. Marquee Style Lights

A Marquee style light works in any room for boys and girls. These are some of our favourites from Urban Nest Designs and Little Letter Lights Co.

4. Fun & Colourful Bedding

Kip & Co have continued to create fun and colourful bed linen, cushions, throws and more. The entire range will add a cool punch to any room.

The range from Sack me! will liven up any room with its donut cushions and ice cream doona covers!

Play snakes and ladders, eat some gingerbread or go on a Safari with the out there range from Goosebumps.

If you’re not up for the wild colours from the brands above, you can choose for more soft tones from the beautiful range of Sage and Claire, I love Linen or Fictional objects. So much to choose from!!

5. Wall Shelves

The Bride and Wolfe range of shelves have grown quite a following. They are all beautifully crafted and will last your child through the nursery stage and will still look gorgeous in any bedroom.

We also discovered One Two Tree this year and are in love with their Australian “My Treasure Board”.

6. Scandinavian Design

Our Love affair with Scandinavian Design continued in 2015. Pale colours, beautiful textures and natural finishes continued to be the basis for many nurseries and kid's rooms. We are thrilled to have a range of products from Design Stuff and Norsu to satisfy our love of all things Scandinavian!

7. Quality & Luxury Bed Linen & Throws

Mums understand the benefits of purchasing items that are high quality and stylish. The Bella Casa range of bed linen certainly fits within this category. This is a range of linen made in Australia without any nasty chemicals added. The sheets and balnkets are made from all natural organically farmed raw materials in Melbourne. They are a favourite of stylists like Megan Morton. Treat you whole family to the most dreamy sheets and blankets to ensure a healthier nights sleep.

The Woolen Collective was also created this year. The ladies at the Woolen Collective create beautiful hand knitted chunky knits. Each piece is a work of art that will be with your family for decades.

8. Teepees & Playtents

Teepees and play tents are the perfect addition to any nursery. They are decorative while still being functional. What kids doesn't love playing in a teepee! Here are a couple of our favourites Klea & Co. Maling Road Toy Shop, The Toy Workshop and Zee and Friends.

9. Armadillo & Co. Rugs

Armadillo & Co have carved out a special place in kids room decorating. Their rugs just work with a variety of looks and designs. They have become a true icon in the world of rugs!

10. Simplicity and Modern Design

Brands like Plyroom and Oeuf continued to go from strength to strength in 2015. New products were added to their ranges and the fundamentals of good design continued to be celebrated.

We also loved seeing new brands like the BZBX Tower Chair (high chair) and Change Table enter the market.

We hope you enjoy shopping from this range of our favourite kids homewares for 2015. We look forward to continuing to bring you wonderful inspiration and ideas as you enjoy your journey into parenthood in 2016!

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