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Top 10 Kids Decor Picks

May 23, 2016
Top 10 Kids Decor Picks

The Styling Mama shares her Top 10 Australian Kids Decor Must Haves for Winter 2016.

You know the story. You stroll past it at the shops and make eye contact. You pause, stare lovingly and move on, shaking it off the way only Taylor Swift knows how.

Perhaps it popped up in your feed, teasing you with glimpses of what could be. You screen shot it, you know – just in case.

Days pass and you can’t get it out of your head. Sound familiar?

These are the must haves. The items you simply can’t go past. Perhaps they are the room feature or the final touch you’ve been looking for.

Either way, you want it – nay, you neeeeeed it.

I’m just going to go right out and say it – the list is perpetual and you can never satisfy it. There’s just too much great stuff being created all the time.

So get your screen shotting fingers ready to add these to-die-for items to your list because I’m about to share my Top 10 kids décor must haves at the moment. It’s epic – you’ll soon see why.

1. Woollen Collective Esther Queen Runner

I like big chunks and I cannot lie.

And you can’t get much chunkier than the Woollen Collective’s Esther Queen Runner.

I’m imagining this running across the end of my bed. Or lounge. Or anywhere I can see it, really – it wouldn’t be out of my sight.

I’m not sure if I’d choose navy, pink, white or light grey.

So to be fair, I’d choose all of them to ensure no colour felt left out.

Shop All Woollen Collective On Tinitrader

2. Into The Fold Big Doug Floor Cushion

I know this guy named Doug. In fact, we are so close that I call him Big Doug.

Big Doug is no ordinary guy – he’s massive and he’s not ashamed to admit that people stop and stare at his generous size.

It doesn’t stop at staring either – he is touched, jumped on, caressed and relied upon for all sorts of different activities.

Because when you are a floor cushion measuring 1m x 1m, people are going to want you in their life. FACT.

cushioni nto the fold

Shop Into The Fold On Tinitrader

3. Ilka Swan By Vanessa Byrne

Enough swanning around, here’s another one you’ll fall in love with.

This is Ilka, and she is stunningly handcrafted by Vanessa Byrne.

Just imagine how beautiful she would look on your wall. Or my wall. Ilka is like a tulle filled dream that you don’t want to wake up from.

swans ilka

Shop The Ilka Range On Tinitrader

4. Lummi and Co Lights

Create ambience by night, and enjoy the colours by day with Lummi and Co lights.

You’ve been warned though, they are highly addictive.

The only apology I’ll make for putting you onto this gorgeous string lighting brand is for time you’ll waste putting together different colour combinations of ball colours.

Endless choices, impossible not to love.

Shop All Lummi & Co On Tinitrader

5. Byron Bay Hanging Chair

If you’re still hanging around, then you’ll appreciate the Byron Bay Hanging Chair available from Kido.

I’m picturing the white one hanging in a reading corner, a bright blanket draped over crossed little legs, attached to a child gently swinging as they delve into a glorious page full of pictures.

Shop All Hanging Chairs On Tinitrader

6. Bear & Sparrow Retro Radio

Size definitely matters for my next product pick!

It comes from Bear and Sparrow.

Once you get to know their products, regular size anything will just seem strange and you’ll be asking where the rest is.

The retro radio is one for young and old, but don’t try and tune it.

It sings perfection all by itself.

Shop All Bear & Sparrow On Tinitrader

7. Make Me Iconic Post Box

What happens when Australian icons become toys and décor? Awesome happens, that’s what.

Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t fallen in love with the Make Me Iconic Post Box available from Confetti Kids.

While emails might be faster, half the fun of snail mail comes in the shape of this familiar red box.

Except with this one, you don’t have to lift your toddler up awkwardly to try and post a letter.


Shop All Make Me Iconic Products On Tinitrader

8. Grafico “The Herring” Wallpaper

Commitment issues don’t need to hold you back thanks to Grafico wallpaper.

Self adhesive wallpaper. Removable wallpaper. With jaw dropping designs.

I once had a fear of wallpapering (which is strange, considering I’m pretty familiar with glue interacting with walls thanks to my children).

However, I’m almost certain that some Grafico Warm Grey Herring would make quick work of any fears and turn them into a healthy respect.


Shop All Grafico Wallpapers On Tinitrader

9. OYOY The World Rug

I’m going to use a cliché line here – but you’ll be standing on top of the world with my next pick!

When you combine education and décor, you’ve got a great recipe.

When you ice it with as much beauty as The World rug by OYOY, you have the most delicious addition to your home.

And I love that this is a rug that you can use anywhere.

I’m picturing two little adventurers in a dark teepee, shining their torches and planning their next route meticulously on The World map.

Shop All OYOY Kids Products

10. Kip & Co Merino Wool Pom Pom Blanket

Giant pompoms. On a merino blanket. Kip & Co sure do know how to put together a winning combination.

This beautiful blanket reminds me so much of a sorbet, most likely facilitated by the shades of peach and marmalade.

Perfect hanging from a sling back chair in warmer months, or bunched loosely on a bed for the cooler months coming.

kip pom pom blankett

Shop All Kip & Co Products On Tinitrader

So did you pick it? I’m all about SIZE right now.

Chunky knits, statement wall hangings and bold wallpaper never disappoint.

If you’re thinking bigger is better for your next purchase just remember on thing: have fun when you’re styling it.

Be bold, confident, take risks, mix and match. Because if you love what you buy, then you’re always going to love how it looks in your home.

Kelly McDonough is not only a mum to five beautiful children all under the age of 10 but somehow manages to find time amongst packing lunches, school runs and house work to run her own product styling business, The Styling Mama. If ever a woman knew anything about juggling work and family, Kelly would be it.

Photo Credits (in order of appearance): Hello Little Birdie, Hails & Shine, Make Me Iconic, Tinitrader, Kip & Co