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Top Tips for a Trendy Toddler Room

April 30, 2019
Top Tips for a Trendy Toddler Room

As a stylish Mum with an active toddler, you’re always on the hunt for kids’ clothing for sale that reflects your unique sense of fashion and lifestyle. Whether you buy girls’ clothing online or buy boys’ clothing online this is always a consideration.

So the same applies to your home, it must reflect your own style but still be functional enough to handle your toddler and lifestyle. Fashion-conscious parents who want adorable rooms for their children are looking for something more, something that shows off their sense of fashion and knowledge of the latest trends. Why should Mums compromise on interior design when there are so many choices available to them? We take a look at some trendy toddler room ideas that can transform your toddler room into a delightful haven, including toddler bedding for sale, furniture and decorating ideas.

In many cases, trendy Mums choose neutral colours when selecting toddler fashion for bedrooms. Discreet, understated colours are ideal for furniture, bedding and walls. Why? They go with everything! Combine mute tones with pastel colours like tangerine, pink or yellow to provide the room with the perfect look. Modern but fun, the colour combinations will grow with your child from toddler to school age and beyond.

Grotime Overture Caboodle Furniture

When choosing furnishings, toddler furniture in neutral colours is the way to go. Look for sturdy but elegant furniture built from fine materials that can be handed down throughout the generations:

  • Grotime Overture Caboodle is just one of several options of toddler furniture for sale. This finely made piece of furniture grows with your child with the ability to convert from bassinet, to cot and then toddler bed. The Grotime Overture Caboodle also features attachments that can convert the cot into a change table or two bedside tables, depending on if you are using it as a cot or toddler bed. And, of course, it comes in two trendy neutral colours: white or brown.


La De Dah Bedding

Every toddler needs a cuddly blanket to snuggle with through the night. Or maybe they want to curl up with a good book and need a soft, comforting blanket to keep them warm.

You can’t go wrong with a blanket similar to La De Dah Kids Black Cross Blanket. Made from 100 percent cotton, this non-allergenic blanket is ideal for children with sensitive skin. Even better, if your child spills something on it, there’s no need to panic. Simply throw it in the washing machine and wash it on the gentle cycle.


Pillows and Cushions

There’s nothing like sinking into a comfy chair complete with cushions. And what’s a bed without decorative pillows? Creating a welcoming space for your child includes adding a variety of cushions and pillows to their furniture. Stick with interesting patterns and prints in understated colours that will still be age-appropriate as your child gets older. Here are some options:

  • The Shelter 7 Little Plus Black Cushion is both understated and elegant, yet child-friendly. Made from cotton linen and hand screen-printed, its corn fibre inner is biodegradable. The fabric inks are UV resistant, fading from sunlight streaming through the window won’t be an issue. It’s also machine washable, so it’s a fabulous pillow to add to your rambunctious toddler’s décor.

  • Some call him the Dark Knight. Others call him the Caped Crusader. And, of course, he fights evil alongside his trusty sidekick Robin. Who are we talking about? Batman! And your toddler will adore this Little Pop Studio Bat Kids Pillowcase. Slip a standard pillow into this superhero pillowcase, and their dreams just might be peppered with amazing adventures. Screen printed by hand in New Zealand, this heroic cotton pillowcase is printed with water-based ink. You’ll add a bit of fun to any toddler’s bedroom when you throw this pillowcase into the mix.

  • The Homely Creatures Knitted Mountain Cushion is a mountain-shaped cushion made in Bolivia and features 100 percent alpaca wool. Your child can imagine herself scaling the mountain toward the snowy-peaked summit. You, on the other hand, will foster a sense of satisfaction knowing that you snagged this unique cushion with muted black and white that serves as art, a pillow and a conversation piece.


Classic Toys

Want to be on trend when it comes to whimsical bedrooms for toddlers? Include classic, well-made toys into your child’s décor. Simple, classic toys encourage your children to use their imaginations and engage in creative play.

There’s something about a soft, handmade or carved toy from wood that makes us get all nostalgic and think about the good old days. You can help your child create wonderful memories of their own by adding toys like these to their room:

  • The La De Dah Kids Crochet Monkey, made in an understated grey with a jaunty scarf tied around its neck, a crocheted monkey, the perfect stuffed toy to perch on a bookshelf or to decorate a toddler bed.

No stylish toddler bedroom is complete without classic wooden toys. Timeless, durable and elegant, wood toys have been gracing children’s bedrooms for years. Parents who want to provide their children with quality toys that last should include these sturdy playthings in a toddler’s room.

  • Great for boys or girls, the wooden push toy Moover Baby Truck is perfect. The cool thing about this particular wooden toy is that your child can play with it in two ways. Push it along or hop onto the seat and take it for a spin. Created by Childplay, this is a good choice for any stylish parent seeking quality wooden trucks for a toddler.

  • Seeing your toddler take his or her first steps is one of the most incredible experiences for any loving parent. Help them take those steps in style with the Moover Walker Wagon. Also crafted by Childplay, the Moover Walker Wagon is fun for newbie walkers and toddlers who are running all over the house! And for the runners, maybe this handy wooden toy will he slow them down.

  • Wooden blocks are both classic and educational. Toddlers cultivate math and fine motor skills as they construct castles, robots, mountains and anything else their fertile imaginations can dream up. Building with blocks helps your little toddler develop language skills as well. Consider purchasing Soopsori Giraffe & Domino Blocks. Crafted from wood and rubber bands, these eco-friendly blocks are treated with linseed oil to stand the test of time.

  • Forget Superman, Spiderman and all those other superheroes people fawn over. Your child just may agree with us when they take one look at La De Dah Kids Super Max. Complete with superhero mask and enigmatic smile, Super Max is ready to experience hours of adventure with your own little superhero-in-training. Soft and huggable, his muted colours complement the understated and sophisticated décor of any toddler room.

  • Any time is teatime when you include Make Me Iconic Bickies into your toddler’s room. Wooden toys that pay homage to Australia’s most iconic biscuits, these ten cute “biscuits” will help your child imagine they are hosting a tea party or whipping up something scrumptious in the kitchen. Numbers are included on the back of each biscuit to help your toddler learn number recognition. When they’re finished “eating” or counting the biscuits, they can pack them away in their own little tin.

Rugs and mats

Rugs and Mats

A trendy rug or mat can pull an entire room together. It’s also nice to have one on a cold winter’s night when your room has a hardwood floor! Take a look at these options:

  • La De Dah Kids Black and Grey Crochet Bullseye Rug is a good choice for parents who are looking for interesting pieces to add to their child’s bedroom. Hand crocheted from 100 percent cotton yarn, it’s non-allergenic. Use it as a floor rug or bed throw. However you decide to apply it to the room’s décor, the black and grey colour is perfect for rooms striving for that modern look.

  • Shelter 7 Black Floor Matt is another unique piece that will complement a child’s room. Manufactured from 100 percent cotton yarn, this cute little rug is crocheted by hand and looks great as a bed throw as well.

  • Are you and your child in love animals? Check out the cute little deer cushion. Homely Creatures Fawn Cushion features a sweet little fawn any toddler would love to hug. Both sides of the cushion sport the black and white baby deer and are lovingly crafted by women in a Nepalese village near Kathmandu.

Wall Art

Add some personality and colour to toddler walls. Today’s market provides fashion-conscious Mums with a wide variety of art to decorate a child’s room, such as:

  • Little Pop Studio Messy Mouse Wall Art may be just the artwork you need to brighten up a child’s room décor. Little Pop Studio, located in New Zealand, created the original, but you can own a high-quality replica of the watercolour painting. Featuring ears that would make Mickey Mouse proud, it’s printed on textured linen paper. Even better, it’s chlorine free, PH neutral and made from sustainable forests.

  • Decorate a toddler’s room in black. It’s elegant, crisp and oh-so-stylish. The Homely Creatures Felt Petal Bunting in black will serve as a striking accent to any child’s room. Hang it across the wall, suspend it from the ceiling or drape it across the bed. Handmade by women in Nepal, it’s created from 100 percent New Zealand wool felt.

  • Spice up a bare wall with stickers. What child doesn’t love them? They plaster them on their hands, their faces, their notebooks. Why not plaster them on walls? But don’t use just any stickers. Try these stylish ones — Sack Me! Green Mob Wall Stickers. These fun little veggie stickers will decorate the walls and just might encourage your toddler to eat their vegetables.

  • The Dark Knight and his sidekick Robin are back. But this time, they want to hang out on your child’s walls. That’s right — Little Pop Studio Bat Boys Iii Wall Art. It’s a reproduction of a watercolour painted by Little Pop Studio, and it’s printed on the same type of texturized linen paper Little Pop Studio is known for. Your little one will sleep peacefully beneath the watchful gaze of these two iconic superheroes.

  • Maybe you prefer your art to be functional. That’s okay. Try the La De Dah Kids Fox Timber Clock. This wooden wall clock with a fox face will add a modern touch to any child’s room. It features Quartz movement and arrives at your door ready to hang on the wall.

Homely Creatures Felt Bunting

Cradle Rock and Snowpuppe Lamps

The right type of lamps can increase the elegance of any room, including the room where your precious toddler sleeps. Look for these options to add functionality and style:

  • Keeping with a sophisticated theme, try adding the bronze Cradle Rock Toadstool Lamp to your child’s room. It’s whimsical, fun and provides a fairytale flair to the décor.

  • Is it art? Is it a lamp? Maybe it’s both! You be the judge when you include the Snowpuppe Moth Gradient to your child’s room. It comes in grey and will add a dramatic, artistic touch to your child’s bedroom. Folded from special FSC paper, the delicate folds issue forth a soft, comforting light. And isn’t that what you want when choosing lamps for your child’s room?

Smart, discerning Mums who have a keen eye for fashion are always searching for trendy toddler room ideas or eco furniture for kids. They want quality materials, interesting fabrics, fun patterns and understated elegance when on the hunt for kids’ furniture for sale.

Whether seeking kids’ bedding for sale, nursery furniture ideas or other fashionable kids’ products, they know that neutral colours paired with timeless items will provide their children with beautiful rooms that will last from toddler to teen. So forget about decorating a toddler’s room with cheap, plastic items that don’t last. Choose decorative items that feature high-quality materials, clean lines, fine details and whimsical designs. You’ll save money by purchasing furniture, bedding and toys that remain classic and timeless.