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Ubabub's Babyletto Collection

February 15, 2016
Ubabub's Babyletto Collection

Tinitrader have fallen completely in love with Ubabub's range of modern and stylish nursery furniture

We know and love Ubabub for their extensive range of progressively designed, practical and safe cots, furniture and accessories, with the innovative pod cot being hugely popular.

Ubabub first came onto the scene back in 2010 after husband and wife duo, Natasha and Daniel Dumais had such trouble trying to find nursery products to meet their modern taste, they decided to create there own. Since then, the Melbourne parents have been on a bit of a whirlwind adventure, winning fans all over the world with there innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

We were thrilled to be at the unveiling of their latest collection, Babyletto, at the Tinitrader Sydney Pop Up. Having discovered the Babyletto brand in the USA, Natasha and Daniel fell so in love the range they decided they wanted to share it with Australian mums and dads and we have no doubt that you will love the collection just as much as they do!

We caught up with Natasha and found out a little bit more about the Babyletto collection from Ubabub.


Tell us about your new collection and where the inspiration came from.

With contemporary designs and a focus on style, our Babyletto collection delights in offering nursery pieces that are both fun and functional. Established in 2010 in the USA, Babyletto was created as a modern, inspirational nursery furniture brand that sparks creativity and warms hearts.

In 2014 as owners of Australian nursery furniture brand Ubabub, Natasha and Daniel Dumais discovered the Babyletto brand and decided that these were products that would be well appreciated here. And so begins it’s journey into modern nurseries across Australia.

How does the creative process within Babyletto work? How does the designing happen and what are the stages in bringing a collection together?

Drawing inspiration from life and things that we love Babyletto aims to create products that channel a sense of imagination for you when you are designing your nursery.

We want to capture a sense of honesty and creativity in our design process, while building on Ubabub International and MDB Family’s foundation of impeccable quality and safety.

Babyletto products are also created with a focus on smart convertible design, sustainability and affordability.

Babyletto 2

When will the new collection be available?

Now! We are taking orders via Tinitrader and it will also be available via select stockists across Australia. For enquiries Contact Us

EDIT: The new Babyletto collection is available now - shop here

Are there any new products in this collection that we haven’t seen in your range before?

These Lolly and Hudson ranges are both new to Australia, although have been hugely popular in the USA since their launch there a couple of years ago. Each range includes a convertible cot with matching dresser. Please do also check out our range of Nurseryworks rocking chairs that are now also available.

What other exciting things do you have planned for Babyletto this year?

We have much more in store for the roll out of other nursery products by Babyletto, Nurseryworks and Ubabub.

We are also just launching a new online nursery furniture store Design Kids that will showcase and sell our brands and more.

Babyletto Black Lolly Cot   Dresser

How do you balance work with family, out of work commitments etc?

Working five days a week and juggling the care of our three stunning girls Bianca (9) Sabine (6) and Uma (4) has, like for most working parents out there, been an ongoing challenge.

We meticulously plan our days and weeks to manage a consistent balance and focus on our kids and businesses. Moving our warehouse and office space closer to our kids’ school and kinder earlier this year has made the world of difference for us.

We’ve also created a kids room at our warehouse so that our children can come to the warehouse after school and do their homework and have some downtime as we get to finish off our work day, this has been gold.

We’re so grateful for our wonderful support network of family and friends who have helped us over the years with childcare when we need it. We also employ a nanny once a week who has been an absolute godsend.

Aside from that it all comes down to good planning. Food meal planning, planning ahead so you can be there for events at the school and kinder and planning time away with family and friends. It can often feel like a whirlwind a lot of the time, but it’s totally possible.


What are your favourite shops?

I don’t make much time to go shopping these days, but if I am, it’s most likely to be found shopping online!

Favourite shops:

  • Etsy for everything and anything
  • Hunting for George
  • Kip and Co
  • Arro Home
  • The Larkstore
  • Gorman, Obus, Incu for my clothes shopping
  • Big dreams – a personal shopping fave for all kids stuff
  • Elias and Grace – kids clothing

And Tinitrader but of course!!

I also follow a lot of peeps and brands on Instagram and find a lot of new brands for all manner of things via my IG feed.

What are some of the other brands that you are loving at the moment?

Always love Gorman. Longtime fan and friend of Lisa Gorman and still can’t get enough of this fresh brand.

Also Obus, absolutely love Kylie’s sense of colour, pattern and aesthetic.

kylie obus

Who are you following on Instagram?

Too many to mention!! Sorry! You will have to scroll through to see. I am such a visual person and love, love instagram so much. I do love seeing Zoe Foster Blake's post because she loves to share so many of the brands she loves so it’s a great way of finding new things!


What are your hopes for the future, both personal and for Babyletto?

For Babyletto and Ubabub:

To grow our family of brands! To be able to bring more exciting and inspirational nursery furniture products to market more often.