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Top 7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween 

October 17, 2014
Top 7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween

The month is flying by and Halloween is almost here! Halloween a great time for kids and parents to walk the streets in search of fun and treats.

Halloween wasn't a feature of my childhood, and as an Australian that doesn’t make me particularly uncommon. When I was growing up, kids in monster costumes trick-or-treating was something we used to watch American children do on television with empty envy.

In recent years this seems to have changed considerably and the popularity of trick-or-treating and dressing up seems to have exploded in Australia.

There are some great ways to join in on the fun and enjoy some time with your kids and get to know your neighbours.

We have given some thought to the top ways to celebrate Halloween and enjoy the fun with the kids.

1. Dress up

The first step to getting into the spirit of Halloween is finding a great costume for both the kids and yourself. The kids will love the fun of getting the whole family involved in dress ups.

How? Try a theme for the whole family and get the pets involved too! There is nothing cuter than a Golden Retriever in a tutu!

Little kids will love full on costumes while bigger kids may prefer a cool skull tshirt and crazy makeup.

2. Carve a pumpkin

Buy a couple of pumpkins and carve up some Jack-o-lanterns. They are surprisingly easy to carve and they look great glowing on the coffee table for the days prior and post the big day!

To make the pumpkin extra cool, locate the pumpkin in the front garden and put a baby monitor in the lantern and talk to guests or passers-by. The kids will love freaking out the neighbours!

3. Trick or Treating

Collect up some neighbours and track down some lollies! Kids love the idea of roaming the streets and visiting the neighbours. It can be amazing fun to check out the decorated houses and chat to the families taking part. You might find you meet a few neighbours your haven't previously.

4. Host a Halloween Party

Who needs an excuse for a party! This is a great way to spend time with the kids, their friends and your friends. Spend time planning and preparing for the party. There is an activity in every part of the event from the activities to the food and decorations. Let your families imagination go wild.

polka dot halloween

Source: Disney

Crumbs and Corkscrews Gingerdead Men 17

5. Tell some scary ghost stories

Halloween and ghost stories go hand in hand.

Make the scene and the stories as creepy as you dare. My kids are planning to set up a tent in the safety of our backyard. They are planning a witch's cauldron over the fire pit and have been talking spells for days. Come up with some creepy ghost stories that are just scary enough for the kids involved. Go all out and pre prepare some random animal noises to spice up the excitement.

6. Watch a scary movie

For little kids, films like Monsters Inc, Casper, The Witches and Hocus Pocus are the right level of scary without causing nightmares.

Grab some spooky snacks and after the excitement of trick-or-treating settle in for a movie with the kids.

7. Bake a Halloween inspired cake

I love to bake and when Halloween rolls around, my baking gloves come. I enjoy finding Halloween-themed treats for my kids on Pinterest! Some good home baking will make all your Halloween activities a little more special. Find your inner Martha Stewart and get baking!


There are endless ways to celebrate Halloween. Channel your inner monster and enjoy some scary fun with the kids!

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