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What To Pack In My Nappy Bag

May 05, 2017
What To Pack In My Nappy Bag

In celebration of the new Rosie bag from LÄSSIG which has just arrived this winter, we have pulled together a list of the essential items you need in your Nappy Bag.

Practical and stylish, the Rosie bag is suitably versatile and can be to carried in three modes; as a single shoulder saddle-bag, across the shoulder satchel or transform the rear straps and use as a backpack. It also comes included with stroller hooks to conserve that all important stroller space!

The interior is filled with plenty of pockets, making it super easy to organise all of your baby items. Plus its on-trend colours and rose gold flourishes mean you will be the envy of every mum out there.

Lassig RosieBag Anthracite 2017 LR  16

Knowing what to pack in your nappy bag without taking the whole nursery with you is overwhelming!

Here is our essential checklist for what to pack to make sure you are always prepared:

  • Nappies (of course!) pack one for each hour that you will be out plus a couple of spares
  • Wipes for nappy changes, sticky hands and silly spills! Keep a handful in a plastic bag to save space rather than taking the whole packet
  • Change mat - the Rosie bag comes with a resuable change-mat which makes things easy when you are on the go! When your baby grows older, it can double as a play mat or somewhere to sit on in the park
  • Spare plastic or biodegradable bags are perfect for emergencies! Store soiled diapers, clothes, baby blankets... the list goes on! You can keep these stored in the handy Zip Pouch that comes with the Rosie bag
  • Bottle for formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding. Keep it stored in Rosie's insulated bottle holder
  • Baby comforter/blanket - and a spare! When your baby's comforter gets lost when out and about mayhem hits. Always purchase two and keep them on you at all times
  • Hand sanitiser because you will not always be able to wash your hands after changing nappy when out and about
  • Camera to snap all of the memories!
  • Extra clothing for your child in case of drool, spills, poop explosions and so on! Sometimes it is handy to keep a handy tee in there for you too. Keep in a resealable bag to save space
  • Swaddles are very versatile and you can never have too many. Use it to cover your baby or as a changingpad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth
  • Sunscreen and hat to protect your child from the sun
  • Emergency information programmed into your phone as well as on a piece of paper tucked handy in your wallet for backup
  • Dummy which you can attach to Rosie's Keyfinder Keyring for easy access
  • Nappy rash cream in a sample or travel size to take up less space
  • Tissues ach-oo!
  • Breast pads if you are a nursing mum to absorb breast milk leaks
  • First-aid kit with bandage strips, antibiotic cream, pain reliever and other first-aid supplies
  • Wallet - never, ever forget.

And ta-da you are ready to go!

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