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Whimsical Girls' Bedroom

September 25, 2017
Whimsical Girls' Bedroom

We are thrilled to share this picture perfect bedroom styled lovingly by Georgina from Wool & Willow for her daughter Christie.

Enjoy reading the interview and browsing the gallery of this stunning look to gain inspiration for your own styling journey!


Tell us about the look you have chosen for your little girls' bedroom makeover.

I don’t tend to stick to one trend and love changing up the spaces in my home; I decide to give Christie’s room a little makeover now with the change of season. I add some pops of blue and purple along with natural timber but in a very subtle way and create a more spring/summer vibe to the room. This would also tie in with the rest of our home too but still keeping the space girly and with items she loves.

What decor items did you think transformed the room the most?

The biggest transformation I think would have to be the gallery wall with a variation of items to create that more unique look and I could easily add and remove this way to incorporate items that have meaning and memories to them. Another change would be the Numero canopy along with the vintage floral pillow case which adds a bit of texture and color to the more neutral and plain bedding and bedroom.

You have a wonderful eye for bedding! What are your favorite brands?

Oh wow Thank you so much, there are so many amazing brands now that we can use to create gorgeous nurseries and kis bedroom. At the moment I love the KONGES SLOJD range which I haven’t seen around that much and make it a bit more unique along with the Chameleon range bedding sets. I also love to use more simple bedding and pair it with more unique pillow cases to create a different look and add some texture and color to the bed. Some other gorgeous bedding would be the new cam cam range and the bonnemere range which has a wide variety of colors now.

You have a B.A. in Interior Design. What was the best lesson that you learnt?

Throughout my studies in Interior Design I have learnt so much from architectural design, furniture design, lighting design and even graphics and Photography. There isn’t one thing I would say that is the best but a combination of all the design aspects. I have learnt that Interior Design is something that begins from the basic floor plan, positioning of walls, doors and even windows, to the finishing touches like lighting plans and interior furnishings. If you have a correct base plan then the décor and styling will come natural and easy.

What is the biggest challenge in designing kids' bedrooms that you have found?

I would have to say the challenge of kid’s spaces is to create a functional room for the parents and the kids but not letting this affect the styling aspect of the space. A functional space can also be pretty and stylish at the same time from baby’s nurseries to kid’s spaces.

What are some accounts on Instagram that you follow for inspiration that we may not of heard of?

Oh the list is so long and im sure you already know most of these accounts but I also get so much inspiration of pinterest, magazines and day to day life. Here are some I follow:

  • @_rosemille
  • @sanna.emilie
  • @bekhalidayart
  • @houseofharvee
  • @miskyreeloves
  • @oh.eight.oh.nine






Suppliers list:

Spinkie Baby: plush toys Sun and co: feather mobile Alpha board co: letter board Lauren Skorsis – Design studio: custom name plaque Oliver twisty tales: Miniland doll and outfit Belle and co living: suitcases little belle lights: night light the wooden thread: wall hanging Ramie and weave: tutu dress Interior Motives: Leather strap holder Schmooks art: Print Little connoisseur: floor cushion