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Woollen Collective | Blankets & Throws

December 11, 2015
Woollen Collective | Blankets & Throws

Mother-daugher duo Gaylene and Jane are out to prove knitting is not just for tea cosies and grandmas bringing gorgeous, stylish oversize knits and rugs to homes everywhere with their label Woolen Collective.

Made with massive knitting needles and even bigger hearts, Gaylene and Jane create beautiful pieces in their own living room, using only the finest pure Australian Merino wool.

Woollen Collective came about entirely by chance. As a child, Jane was always encouraged by her single mother to try her hand at everything. Upon doing some research into extreme sculptures, Jane came across one sculpture in particular who caught her attention.

“It looked like normal knitting, but then he had photos to scale with him actually lying on it and the knitting, which he makes with rubber threads, was actually 10 times his size! It was just ridiculous” Jane says.

“I was showing mum and I said imagine actually doing this for real”.

the kings runner

Jane did some research and very quickly her crazy idea became a reality. Before she knew it she had ordered Merino wool to try out and enlisted an old family friend who was also a retired wood turner to create wood ends for the huge, 2kg knitting needles she needed to bring her vision to life.

“I am forever going to him with these silly ideas of mine and this was just another silly idea but he does it” Jane says.

“He looked at me like I was an idiot and I was like I know but just try it”.

woollen collective knit

Today, Woolen Collective creates everything from woolen blankets to chunky merino scarfs. Their pieces are perfect for snuggling up with on a cold winters night and also add a touch of woolen luxe to any room.

As well as producing beautiful woolen blankets and throws, Gaylene and Jane are keen to share their passion for knitting. Already stocking the amazingly large knitting needles they use to create their woolen products on their website, the ladies also have hopes to run workshops in the future.

“I just love the idea that others would be able to give it a go as well because I really love doing it” Jane says.

“I want knitting to be cool. I would love to share it”.

woollen collective chunky knit 3

Despite the huge impact Woolen Collective now has on the industry, the pair remain honest and humble in their success. No matter how busy Jane may be, she still finds time to reply to customer feedback on the Woolen Creative Instagram page, even if it is just a simple thank you.

“I think what makes us different is we really do wear our hearts on our sleeves, what you see is what you get” Jane says.

“We are not pretending to be some big branded name with all these wonderful contacts. We are just a mum and daughter”.

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