Bugaboo Bee Review

For those who have taken a close look for the best prams online, there’s a good chance that the Bugaboo Bee has come across your browser from time to time. With reviewers raving about how incredible the pram is, we’re sure you want to learn just a little more before making a purchase.

In our Bugaboo Bee review, we’ll take a look at all of the essential factors that make up this pram and why you should consider one, or look the other way.

We will dive into how mobile and transportable the pram is, who it’s designed for and whether you should opt for this model or the higher-end models offered by Bugaboo.

Coming in at 8.9kg and it’s one of the lighter and more portable options out there today, making it a great option for our mum and dad readers who want to keep their active lifestyles going.

If you’re wondering whether these prams are ideal for travelling and whether the Bugaboo Bee is an ideal companion for travelling on airlines and storing in overhead lockers, in bus storage or just in the back of an Uber we’ll take a look at this for you too.

Coming in at just over $1,000 this isn’t the most affordable pram out there, and there’s a good chance you want to be sure this is the right model for you before making an investment.

Take a look at our Bugaboo Bee review and learn a little more about whether this is the ultimate partner for your baby and your days out in the city, at your local cafe or travelling abroad.

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