Bunk bed buying guide

We know that when it comes to choosing anything furniture-related for a child, the process can be incredibly confusing and tedious. There is a myriad of different bunk beds on offer out there, and it can be almost impossible to choose one that you can trust to keep your little one safe and well-supported as they sleep.

That in mind, our bunk bed buying guide will cover everything you need to know from choosing the size of the bunk bed, the shape and the style to best suit your growing child’s needs. Whether you’re interested in creating a multi-use and dynamic bedroom or a space that fosters the imagination and creativity, there’s an option for you in our bunk bed buying guide.

We will take a look at everything from the ideal materials, mattress sizes, the type of bunk bed to choose from and which models are great for those little ones who enjoy having their friends sleep over from time to time too.

Of course, affordability and price points are a key factor for most parents, and we’ll let you know what to expect to pay for a bunk bed and whether you’re better off taking the affordable route or investing in something a little more expensive for your child.

For the homes with rather small rooms or low ceilings, we also have some pointers and tips for you to maximise your bedroom’s space without giving up too much floor space.

Take a look at our bunk bed buying guide and take some of the confusion out of choosing a bed for your little one this year.

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