Chi Khi

Coming from the wonderful mind of Natalie Bassingnthwaighte, the Chi Khi brand is your one-stop for the most fashionable and celebrity-backed clothing for your kids.

As you’d expect, the model, singer, actor and mum-of-two has a lot on offer when it comes to designing her child’s fashion line, and you’re getting some of the trendiest and best-looking pieces from Chi Khi.

For the kids with attitude, or just a passion for dressing themselves, you’re going to be able to rely on Chi Khi to offer appropriate-yet-fierce outfits for the wardrobe, and coming in mostly monochrome, there is a stylish and paired-back look coming into play here.

Just about all items on offer from Chi Khi are unisex, which means everything you see is perfectly suited to both son and daughter, and that makes shopping a whole lot easier for the kids this year.

All of Bassingnthwaighte’s pieces are developed to be adjustable and versatile, and there are design perks coming into play here that add extra length and width in ideal places for when kids grow a little more — which means the fit stays perfect for a long while.

Each piece on offer is crafted from Bamboo Cotton, and that means these garments are ideal for summer, very breathable and also durable enough to handle even the roughest playtimes in the backyard, the park or in the schoolyard.

Take a look at our excellent range of Chi Khi clothing by Miss Bassingnthwaighte and add a touch of celebrity-focused style to your kid’s wardrobe this season.

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