cot to toddler beds

If your little one is making their transition from cot to a toddler bed, you’re going to want to ensure you invest in something that is comfortable, inviting and encourages them to stay in this type of bed.

With most children making their move from a cot to their toddler bed at around two to three years old, you’re likely wondering just what toddler bed to choose. With all of the cot to toddler beds to choose from, it is hard to pick, though with the right guide and details to consider in your child’s transition you’ll be better able to decide.

From the style of toddler bed, the bedding and the safety features to keep in mind, we will let you know just about everything you need to consider when the challenge of setting your toddler down into their ‘adult’ bed for the first time comes around.

You always want to make sure there isn’t the risk of falling out of bed, getting hurt or simply finding the bed too uncomfortable to remain in for the entire evening.

One point we will help you to consider is the choice between a crib-like bed, a full adult bed or something happily in the middle for the transition.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the move between a cot and toddler beds and all of the things you need to think about to make this process and as easy as possible.

Don’t hold off on this essential move from cot to bed any longer and let us assist in making this process as seamless, stress-free and illuminating as possible.

Take a look at our tips when moving your little one from cot to toddler beds.

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