Freedom moses

When it comes to slides, there are very few on the market that beat out Freedom Moses for mum, dad and the kids. With unique washable designs and a range of colours to choose from, we’re sure there’s something for everyone from the Freedom Moses range.

If you’re looking to step up to something more comfortable this season or need some excellent at-home shoes that help keep your living spaces nice and tidy when it comes to your child’s messy feet from the outdoors, these are an excellent option.

Coming in a tonne of sizes and with affordable price points, these are a winning slide shoe for most kids out there, no matter how large or small their feet are for their age.

Whether your son or daughter loves leopard prints, palm trees, dinosaurs, stars or any other pattern, there is a tonne on offer for you from the Freedom Moses range.

To add, with both mum and dad sizes, the kids can easily match their slides to you too for a great matching look for the whole family that adds just a little fun for the kids.

All of the slides in the Freedom Moses range are exceedingly durable, designed for long-term use and are made of a recycled material that ensures you’re reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Make a statement this season with the Freedom Moses range of slides or the brand’s carefully curated line of sunglasses and accesses and put comfort at the front of your style.

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