kids and baby rash suits and rashies

Keeping your little one safe in the sun this summer is imperative, and with our range of baby rashies and rash suits, you’re in good hands.

All of the rashies and rash suits in our store have been developed to resist fading and protect your child from harmful UV rays when out swimming at the beach or by the pool this year, and you’re able to rely on long sleeves and bodysuits to protect your child’s entire body from the sun.

Developed with non-irritative materials, you can expect your young one’s comfort to remain high at all times without any itchy or uncomfortable sensations on their skin. Pair this with the intelligently designed rashie shapes to suit all body types and your child’s comfort will be a non-issue when out at the beach, our rashies simply just fit how they’re supposed to.

With a tonne of different designs and styles on offer for boys, girls and infants, you’ll find rashies that the whole family will love and your child will want to wear and keep on throughout the day. We know it’s hard to convince kids to keep their rashies on, and so our colourful and on-trend rashies make this process just a little easier.

Expect all of our rashies to offer the highest quality materials and outstanding durability, and you’ll be glad to know that supporting a child’s rather rambunctious lifestyle is going to be effortless. You won’t see tears or rips in our rashies any time soon.

Take a look at our store and discover all of the best rashies for your baby or young child at an affordable price.

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