Native Shoes

Born in Canada, Native Shoes are your ideal footwear solution for the little ones. They’re the affordable, designer choice with the focus on making life a lot easier when it comes to keeping your shoes sanitary.

All of the shoes on offer by Native have been thoughtfully crafted to allow hand washing, and with durable materials focused on longevity, you’re getting more use out of these shoes than just about anything else out there.

The brand offers a paramount focus on ensuring their materials and design of the Native Shoe is light, airy, comfortable and promote movement and activity. For the families looking to foster a life of movement and freedom for their little one, these moulded shoes are your answer.

Also coming in sizes for mum and dad, Native Shoes are going to change the way you understand slipping on your footwear before heading out to the beach, park or anywhere else as a family and we’re sure you’ll soon feel the effects of this.

An incredible EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate material is what makes these shoes so sought after and so loved by parents and kids across the globe. It’s a lightweight, modern and advanced material that is shock-absorbent, waterproof and also hand-washable.

The odour-withstanding design of the material also means there are no more issues with smelly feet, bacteria build-up or anything else.

Take a look at our range of Native Shoes and change the way you understand footwear forever, for the better!

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