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Happy Valentine’s Day 

February 13, 2014
Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses are red Violets are blue Valentine’s Day’s cute And these gorgeous finds are, too…!

Valentine’s Day isn’t for little people, but we couldn’t help getting inspired. So we went in search of romance and found these whimsical, beautiful pieces – love, love, love!

Kimochi’s Nesting Heart

Divine! A plush heart toy that nests inside a bigger plush heart. This is such a beautiful way to keep family or friends together when they have to part – each person gets a kimochi heart that is returned when you’re back together again.

kimochis nesting heart

Stokke Baby Carrier

Keep your precious one close to your heart and facing out to the world (or nestled into your chest) with this fabulous Stokke baby carrier


Feiyue Milk on the Rocks Shoe

Attention, heart-breaker! These limited edition runners have seriously cool dude written all over them.

heart SHoe

Camper Heart Sandals

Stop right now! Do shoes seriously come any cuter than these? Smart little red Campers complete with a love heart design. Our guess is once these go on tiny feet, you’ll have a very hard time taking them off…


Jellystone Designs Junior Heart Pendant

Add a touch of love to any outfit with this cute-as-pie silicon heart pendant.

jd Heart Pendant

Rosie.ok Crochet Love Heart

These multi-coloured crochet hearts make the cutest of little play toys, or simply just use them as pretty little décor pieces to bring a bit of love to any room


Heart Mini Milk Bottle

Now if your princess needs a little convincing when it comes to a glass of milk each day, this could well do the trick. Who loves their daily dose of dairy now?

pink heart bottle

Moppit Sorbet Hearts Tee

95% cotton and 5% elastane this long-sleeve tee is super soft and super sweet. Sorbet hearts? What a little urban go-getter!

 MG 2889 copy

Honey Kids Singlet Dress

Made from organic cotton, and with three cute little buttons running down from the neckline, this heart motif singlet sleave dress is sure to be love at first sight.

GTD3P dress honeysinglet heart

Missie Munster Golden Singlet

Did someone say mini rockstar? We heart Missie Munster.

2013 08 04 19 36 53

See Kei Run Organic Cotton Love Heart Socks

Doesn’t the saying go ‘to wear your heart on your sleeve?’ Why bother when your girl can roll these to knee height and have hearts literally run all over her legs. Cute to boot!

See Kai Run Organic Tights Lots of Love Blue Pic

Charm It Heart Bracelet

Charm bracelets have been a fashion favourite for decades, and this cute-as-pie heart bracelet is no exception!

CIB921 A Heart Candy Bracelet  44283.1382028607.407.468

Melissa and Doug Sweetheart Beads Set

Wooden heart shape beads in a range of pretty pinks, reds, blues, and purples. Your little person will have so much fun as they design jewellery that is just right for any outfit!

Sweet craft

Chip Chop Eat Your Heart Out Plate

100% Melamine and dishwasher safe, we get the feeling that meal time will be a race to the end so that the kids can clear their plates and get to this super cool surface

chip chop plate eat your heart out 2

Barbie Car Bed

We are pretty confident there will be no complaints about bed time if the bed is a love heart Barbie car. Wow!

Barbie car bed

Bambino Hearts Carriage Bed

Vienna meets Disney with this incredible hearts carriage bed. Sleep will surely come swiftly and sweetly – amazing!

Bambino Home Royal Hearts Carriage Bed

Little Chipipi Tweet Hearts Single Quilt Set

Made from 100% organic cotton, this quilt set is sure to wrap your little one in a cosy world of love.

Litle Chipipi Tweet Hearts Single Quilt Set

Lilly and Lolly Sweetheart Desk

Every child prefers their own special space when it comes to homework time. And who wouldn’t want to hit the books at their very own heart desk? Available in white, this spacious desk will suit any room décor

1240629284LL 20Sweetheart 20Desk

Such Great Heights Floral Bomb Wonder Tent

An A-frame tent made from American maple, this is where dreams of fairy princesses, damsels in distress and knights in shining armour are innocently played out. Gorgeous


Patersonrose Pink Heart Cushion

100% 250 count, this Patersonrose Pink Heart Cushion will be a favourite all on its own, or work beautifully with other Charlotte and Millie designs from Patersonrose.

heart  1

Peace Heart and Kitties Helmet

A purple leopard print, a peace love heart and a set of sweet ears. Have we possibly found the most adorable helmet ever?

hmpeaceheartkitties 1 display

Twig and Pony Rainbow Heart Card

Does your little one want to tell grandma and grandpa how much they love them? Or do you like organising them to write thank you cards after a birthday celebration? The heart says it all, but there’s room for your little person to pen their thoughts, too!

rainbow heart card

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