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Last Month of Summer!

February 18, 2014
Last Month of Summer!

Slight anxiety. More frequent goose bumps as the sun goes down. Darker mornings. Beach holidays wrapping up. Thinking about getting some woollen knits down from the storage boxes... Oh dear – is the end of summer really approaching? Already?

For some of us, it can’t come soon enough. For others, like most of the team here, we can’t say we’re thrilled. We’ll still find plenty of positives about Autumn approaching, but in the meantime we’re going to do what we can and bank up as much summer activity before Mother Nature decides to let the chill settle in.

On our list:

• Fruit kebabs and sorbets. If you’re a seasonal food shopper then the end of summer spells the end of fresh summer fruit. Think melons, mangos, pineapple, strawberries, blue berries. In many areas these are already finishing up, but if you want the last of summer-fresh fruity goodness and you’re keen to get the kids off their laptops and in the kitchen, then fruit kebabs and fruit sorbets or ice-cream recipes are a great way to spend family time. You can even take the preparation outdoors (at least for the kebabs) and skew away to create fun, personalised tasty treats just perfect for the warm weather.

fruit kerbab

• Hitch the tent! Even if you can’t get away, hitching the tent a final time before things start really chilling down can be a lot of fun. There are some great tee-pees out in the market now for day-time fun, but when you’re a kid there’s nothing quite like the adventure of setting up a tent, and maybe having an outdoor dinner, before snuggling into a sleeping bag and sleeping out.


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• Taking a picnic to the park, the beach, the river or whatever area is special and fun for your family is a great thing to do whilst the sun is still on our side. Pack a few games, a deck of cards, any social family pets and enjoy!

LT Fold N Store Picnic Table LT740A

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• If a picnic is not possible, then what about a sunset? Summer has been popping out some incredible light displays – truly remarkable. Catching a whole sunset with the kids, watching the light intensity and cloud shapes change so rapidly, can be heaps of fun. They might even find an animal or two in those cloud formations …

• Are there any markets organised in your area? Any fair-weathered fares? If so, these could definitely be on the radar for something fun to do with the family. Give each of the kids a different job on arrival – someone has to find the best-looking salad, someone has to find the nicest-smelling watermelon, and someone definitely has to find mummy a coffee! It won’t be long before we’re pulling out swimmers and thongs for next season, and Autumn definitely has its fair share of fun, but hopefully these idea-starters are what you need to get out there and make the most of those final summer rays.


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