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Catimini: Cool for Kids

March 26, 2014
Catimini: Cool for Kids

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French couple Monique and Paul Salmon just couldn’t find what they were after for their two young children. In the early 1970s, there was somewhat of a fashion vacuum for fabulous fashion finds for little people.

Frustrated, the couple decided to start designing and making their own fashion-forward threads.

Little did they know their vision would one day result in over 250 stores around the world…

Welcome to Catimini, a brand that wraps children in layers of incredible colour, chic designs and beautiful quality garments.

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The name was inspired by Monique and Paul’s daughter Catherine, nicknamed ‘Cati’ for short (mini meaning little, or tiny).

Since its launch in 1972 Catimini has become loved around the world for creating on-trend kids fashion with a quality French twist.

Two collections a year (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer) are released for legions of colour-loving, fun-focused children around the world, from babies right through to 14 year olds.

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It is no surprise that the brand’s designers find inspiration from Paris’ haute couture; pieces are playful and universal, with a definite French chic to each and every item.

There is a delightful detail in the clothing that resonates with kids’ sense of play and quirkiness – the little frog, bunny, mouse and other gorgeous animal motifs, flowers that pop, bold patterns,

smart checks, layers of texture here or lace trim there… And colour, colour everywhere!

This is a brand that gives little people freedom to have plenty of sartorial fun, to mix up layers and be themselves, and to look super cute no matter what the ensemble.

Aussies finally got a chance to give their wardrobes a Catimini fix with the country’s first store opening in Sydney April 2013.

We hear on the grapevine that more are to follow in other States, meaning there is sure to be a lot more kids looking Frenchy and fabulous. Shop Now!

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