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LEGO® have built a movie! 

March 28, 2014
LEGO® have built a movie!

The cold weather’s coming and LEGO® knows exactly how to handle it – with a family trip to the cinema to check out the much-anticipated The LEGO® Movie.

This one is every bit as much for mum and dad as it is the kids…

Emmet Brickowski is your ultra-average (computer animated) construction worker who seems to get his kicks no matter how banal his life might appear to us viewers… Until, of course, he’s mistaken as ‘The Special’, the only individual with the power to save the world from impending doom and destruction (if an evil tyrant has his way).

It sounds like a typical Hollywood script, but The LEGO® Movie comes complete with a bucketful of gags, many of them overt tongue-in-cheek swipes at superheros, and personality-plus characters who really do breathe life into these LEGO® figurines.

The film stays animated not only with impressive computer imagery, but the lively voice-overs from blockbuster names including Morgan Freeman (Vitruvious, an old wizard), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop/Good Cop), Will Ferrell (the evil Lord Business), Channing Tatum (Superman) and more.

The LEGO® Movie is released in Australia on Thursday 3rd April. Get ready for the gags and good times with the kids!

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