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Little Prince George Wows Crowds

April 22, 2014
Little Prince George Wows Crowds

Upon arrival in Australia, HRH the Duke of Cambridge told welcoming crowds that he suspected his son’s first word might well be bilby. After this weekend’s visit to Tooronga Zoo, we think he could be on the money.

George Meets George

Fascination continues for the youngest visiting royal, and a (very public) family outing to visit HRH Prince George’s namesake sent clicking cameras into meltdown. The little Prince was positively ecstatic to see the energetic marsupial in real life, although George the Bilby took it in his hoppy stride and seemed a lot more impressed by food the Duke of Cambridge was offering.

The outing marked the official opening of the Prince George Bilby Exhibit and no doubt has sky-rocketed the endangered native Australian species to overnight fame. The royal family celebrated the opening with the unveil of a rather lovely sculpture, the bilby ears of which the little Prince seemed very comfortable to hold (indeed – he was a lot more enamoured of the sculpture versus the Bilby toy, which got an unceremonious toss into the air and was promptly scooped up by Duchess of Cambridge).

Relaxing Royal Style

Prior to their outing, mother and son relaxed on the grounds of Government House, where they enjoyed some rare time out wandering, playing on the lawn and bonding like any other young family.

Today the Duke and Duchess head into the red centre, leaving the Prince with his nanny in Canberra and marking the couple’s first overnight stay in Australia without their son.

A Wardrobe Fit for a Prince

Once again, we’re a fan of the little Royal’s wardrobe, which very evidently is a nod to his mother’s effortless style. Simple, traditional and smart, Prince George is day-in-day-out dressed like a dapper tiny chap – buckled shoes, collared shirts, cosy woollen knits, sensible but classic slacks or shorts... We’re constantly reminded how much he looks like his father when the Duke was a similar age, and we’re looking forward to more sightings of this oh-so likeable royal!

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