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Uncomplexicate Your Health Insurance 

April 24, 2014
Uncomplexicate Your Health Insurance

What does a sword-wielding warrior from the Middle Ages have to do with modern day health insurance?

‘Uncomplexicate’ is’s first foray into a brand campaign, and ‘Darius the Protector’ is a not only a character with a penchant for heavy body armour, but a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for complicated, out-of-touch private health insurance products.

Darius has sworn to defend insurance members’ lives with his own, he’s declared he’ll protect them ‘thrice and thrice only’, he’ll carry them to a hospital rather than have them transported by ambulance, optional extras include the sword in his hand and so on…

It’s all a dig at how hard it can be to make sense of health insurance policies, and the irrelevance of asterisks and fine print. Through ‘Uncomplexicate’ cuts through the confusion.

Indeed, is purposefully upsetting the health insurance apple cart by sticking to simplicity. The first new private health fund in Australia since 1977, is an online health insurance provider whose mission is to make policies easy to understand.

Registered and regulated by the Australian Government, aims to provide Australians with access to affordable healthcare without the hassle of paperwork or the burden of reading the fine print. They do this by focusing on personal support through strong lines of communication via phone, email, online chat and social media. By the sounds of things, Darius might soon be looking for a new gig…