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Hire for Baby supplying products for Prince George!

May 07, 2014
Hire for Baby supplying products for Prince George!

What does a British Royal family do when travelling all the way to the other side of the world with a tiny tot in tow?

Well, if you’re the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and you’re coming Down Under with little Prince George, you turn to Hire for Baby.

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A top secret mission saw Hire for Baby supply a beautiful Bertini Miko cot, Quinny Moodd pram, activity centre, monitor, change table, linen and more to the visiting royals whilst they were in Australia. Yes, the Hire for Baby team can now confidently say their products are fit for a Prince!

When planning a holiday it really is a clever idea to consider hiring your baby equipment rather than lugging it from home to your holiday destination, especially if the items are good-as-new and with all the safety checks and balances in place.

Hire for Baby has been operating since 1992 and now has 75 branches around Australia (we are big fans of Hire for Baby’s focus on regional areas as well as the big cities). They clean and safety check all equipment upon return, so it remains in the best possible condition.Everything from capsules, strollers, prams (single / twin) and portacots to bassinettes,hammocks, entertainers and much more are available through Hire for Baby. In short – all the bulky items that make travelling cumbersome and often more costly (how many of us have been stung by excess luggage fees?).

And we’re especially impressed that the business also provides restraint fitters – trained people who at no additional cost will fit the capsule or car seat to your car. Who wants to deal with a user manual when on holidays?

Now – if only we could hire a holiday wardrobe like the Duchess of Cambridge. Then we really would be set…View the range at Hire for Baby

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