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Out Of The Cot

May 12, 2014
Out Of The Cot

Out of the Cot


The first impression one has of Out of the Cot (aside from the size of the almost 400m2 space) is that daughter and mother operators Emma Kaines and Lyndel Pacula know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s hardly surprising, given Lyndel has spent most of her professional life in sales and marketing, and Emma as a store manager specialising in bedding.

But why kids bedding?

That’s easy to answer - Out of the Cot is celebrating their fifth anniversary this year, and it’s testimony to Emma and Lyndel’s confidence that parents Australia-wide were asking for more out of their kids’ beds, yet their requests were falling on deaf ears.

outofthecot 1

Rather than flat-pack, low-cost beds that may or may not last the distance (and inevitable indoor trampoline sessions), parents wanted solid, high quality, enduring pieces that could proudly be referred to as furniture, rather than bits and pieces that would make do for now.

Emma and Lyndel responded, initially starting a wholesale business manufacturing kids’ beds. Travelling to various nationwide retailers stocking their goods, the discerning duo was not quite satisfied their products were been correctly assembled nor appropriately represented. For business operators with a high attention to detail, the response is obvious; if you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

Out of the Cot now retails an incredible range of predominately Adelaide manufactured furniture including beds, bed-site tables, as well as mattresses, protectors, pillows, linen, lamps, rugs, pinboards, wall art, stickers … In short, Out of the Cot can furnish and style your child’s room from floor to ceiling with exceptionally high quality and taste.

Indeed – it’s interesting to note that white painted furniture from Out of the Cot is always made from MDF. In Emma’s words, timber naturally expands and contracts in Australia’s hot, dry climate, thus causing any paint to eventually crack, or white paint to eventually start yellowing. MDF retains the pristine pale whilst still being a highly reliable and robust material. For non-painted furniture, Emma and Lyndel have a preference for Tasmanian Oak for a warm and oh-so charming look and feel.

outofthecot 2

One needs no convincing that this is a store with a lot of love in what it produces and sells – indeed Out of the Cot’s first bed design was a copy of the bed Lyndel’s father handmade for her when she was a child – a most beautiful piece that she has never forgotten. Emma’s childhood also gets a nod at Out of the Cot; a bed complete with trundles for the quick and neat storage of Lego pieces (be they constructed, or in a mess!) is a popular item and just like the bed Lyndel reconfigured for Emma’s brother years ago.

With Emma’s five year old son and three year old daughter keen recipients of beautiful high quality bedroom furniture, we wonder whether or not the family tradition might be passed onto the next generation when these two grow, er, up and out of the cot.

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