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Finch Emporium

May 28, 2014
Finch Emporium

Say the word Emporium and instantly your imagination is transported to a place full of delights to discover; a place through which you’ll willingly meander, chancing upon little wonders and fabulous finds all along the way…

And at Finch Emporium, you can do precisely that!

Named after her sons Finn and Charlie, Ange started the Seddon business four years ago after realising there were scant local businesses catering for the burgeoning population of young families (particularly when it came to toys and games for little people).

finch emporium

Since then Finch Emporium has flourished, with locals making a bee-line for their favourite children’s store. A big hit is the indoor play area – an absolute masterstroke that makes shopping at Finch Emporium fun for the kids, and a pleasure for mum or dad.

The main focus at Finch Emporium is terrific quality wooden and educational toys, from newborns right up to early teens. Where possible, Ange likes to stock Australian owned brands and products, such as for baby sippy cups, nappy boxes, travel bibs etc, or The Freckled Frog for great puzzles, Dancing Feet , building sets, Ride-Ons and more!

Some of Finch Emporium’s perennial favourites include Djeco – a veritable treasure trove of children’s toys and goodies including mobiles, stickers, activity kits, and board games, just to scratch the surface. Micador for kids chalk, modelling clay, and painting packs are also loved by little creative locals.



Keen to support eco-conscious brands when she can, Ange stocks Green Toys, known the world around for their light but creative carbon footprint (products are made from 100% recycled plastic).

Green Toys Jumprope
my first green toys twist teether
green toys blue toolset

Finch Emporium is filled with things Ange knows kids will adore, yet she keeps her ears open when customers tell her about products and brands they’d like to see in the store. Such open-mindedness is part of Finch Emporium’s success; thanks to her keen ear, Ange learned fairly early on about the ‘Birthday Price Point’ and set about finding gifts that would fall in the $20 - $30 birthday present range.

Whether you’re looking for birthday goodies, dress-up costumes, clever puzzles, quality wooden toys, building challenges or all the imaginable treasures in-between, there’s a good chance you’ll discover it at Finch Emporium. Shop Now

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