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30 second guide to the World Cup and kid's soccer!

June 12, 2014
30 second guide to the World Cup and kid's soccer!

FIFA World Cup – what’s it got to do with Aussie kids?

We call it soccer, but the dominant term around the world is of course football, and the fever is growing!

Held every four years, the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup is this year hosted by Brazil, and it’s about to kick off! As the name suggests, the World Cup sees FIFA teams from around the globe compete against one another, all ultimately vying for the reigning championship title.

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Let’s play

In a nutshell – you’ve got two teams of 11 players each playing on a rectangular field with a round ball. The aim is for teams to score as many goals (each team’s goal area is located at opposing ends of the field) as possible during two 45-minute halves (usually a break of 15-minutes in-between). The catch – with exception to when the ball is thrown into play, only the goal keeper can use their hands. All other players must rely on other parts of their body (e.g. feet/knees/legs/head/chest). The result – football is an incredibly technical, skilful, fast-paced sport. No wonder it’s supposedly the most widely played physical game on the planet.


Is it big down under?

‘Football’ is an entrenched sporting religion in European, African, Latin American and some Asian countries. Yet with AFL and Rugby so dominant here, Australia has been a little slow to get behind the whole concept. But that’s changing – fast. Head to the suburbs of your capital city or to some of the bigger regional towns after school or on a weekend, and you’ll see just how burgeoning a sport football is becoming.

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Is it a family/kids sport?

The Socceroos are our official FIFA team, but it’s initiatives like Miniroos that are making it so easy for Aussie families to embrace the sport. Aimed at girls and boys aged between 4 to 11, Miniroos is made for kids and teaches them football skills, life skills, puts them in contact with other like-minded little people, helps keep them active and healthy, and serves up heaps of fun!

If you’re kids are looking to try their ‘feet’ at something new – soccer/football might well be the answer!

And they should look no further than the FIFA World Cup for inspiration!

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When are the Socceroos in action?

Friday 13th June

Australia V Chile

Wednesday 18th June

Australia V Netherlands

Monday 23rd June

Australia V Spain

…. Go Socceroos!

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