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Prince George just took his first tiny royal steps

June 21, 2014
Prince George just took his first tiny royal steps

Whenever members of the British royal family spend a day at the polo, the world delights in shots of Princes and Dukes playing and Princesses and Duchesses watching from the ever-so stylish sidelines. Not so this weekend. No - once again our favourite little royal, Prince George, has upstaged them all...

He's taken his first steps!

The little Prince chose to show the world he was mobile at an impromptu visit to Cirencester Park Polo Club. It is such a delight to watch young George grow, and see the love and care showered on him by his parents.

But it is a reminder that every child walks to their own drum beat!

Some tiny tots shock their parents (and send them running for cupboard locks) very early on. Other little ones perhaps cotton onto the fact that if they keep crawling or staying stationary, everyone around them might just keep coming to their beck and call!

Whatever the reason, there is no 'right' time for your baby to take his or her first steps. They will reach this milestone in their own time, so never feel pressure from babies in your parents' group or indeed from a British royal prince.

Each to their own!

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