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Are Aussie kids losing their Aussieness?

June 23, 2014
Are Aussie kids losing their Aussieness?

You’d be flat out like a lizard drinking trying to find a child these days who can understand, let alone speak, fair dinkum Aussie.

In the wake of globalisation and the proliferation of Hollywood, Aussie ankle biters these days are more likely to find something awesome than ace, or cool versus bonzer; they’re more likely to refer to a doovalacky as a thingy, and a bickie is fast turning into cookie.

We’re dead-set fans of great kids movies, don’t get us a wrong, but don’t you agree there’s something charming and unique about a quintessential Aussie dialect? In the 60s and 70s we developed a world reputation for our unique and colourful way of speaking, but that originality just isn’t what it used to be.

It got us thinking…

If we were to create the next ripper Aussie blockbuster, not seen since the great Footrot Flats, we’d fill it chock-a-block with local lingo. Brickies, surfies, boogie boarders, rellies and truckies would form key characters, and they’d have take-away chook (or a chook parmy) and deep fried dimmies, dog’s eye and sauce, spag bol for tea and weet-bix with Vegemite for brekkie. They’d live out woop woop where the blowies and furphies are thick, and they’d call each other on the dog and bone. They wouldn’t ever have to wear a bag of fruit because it’d always be too stinking hot, so they’d just get around in their daks and chesty Bonds. When the temperature got so flaming hot that things would break down, they’d ‘give it a burl’ trying to fix them.

There’d be maggies and roos and cockies and they’d all have a part to play, too. We’d wrap it up in a pretty spiffy plot with schmicko special effects… Fair suck of the sav – this film could end up bigger than the Big Pineapple, the Big Avo, the Big Banana and the Big Golden Guitar all rolled into one!

OK – so we might be getting a little carried away, but you get the gist!

What are your family’s favourite Aussie expressions?