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The Joolz Day, designed for parent & child

March 14, 2013
The Joolz Day, designed for parent & child


It is hard to not to love the look of the Joolz Day, another example of sophisticated Danish design. With your choice of black or silver chassis, and size fabric colours, the Joolz Day immediately impresses!

We love the quality of the The Joolz Day accessories, with a variety of packages available. The leather feature on the handle and bumper bar makes a stylish addition.

The Joolz Day has been designed to help maintain correct posture for both parent and child. It is very smooth to push and can be adjusted for all height of parents – both tall and not so tall. The height of the bassinet and seat allow baby to be closer to mum and dad, and the seat can be used as a high chair when out and about.

On the downside, the folding mechanism of the Joolz Day isn’t as simple on this pram as some, something to be considered if you are in and out of the car frequently. Practice makes perfect with this one!  The release button on the seat and carrycot can be a little tricky also. However the opening of the pram is very simply and easy. Once folded, the Joolz Day is very compact and great for smaller cars.

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