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Infancy Rozelle

June 21, 2013
Infancy Rozelle

-When did you establish your stores?

We established our first Infancy more than 10 years ago, two others quickly followed.

-What do you sell in your stores?  What are the main brands you stock?

The Infancy stores have the best of what is available for mother, baby and child. For example you could find what we consider to be the best baby carrier and nappy bag for Mum, a full layette for baby and a vast collection of clothing and toys for child. We have more than 100 brands in our stores, and we love to support Australian products and emerging designers.

-What’s your favourite product in store right now and why?

There are so many products that I love and am very passionate about. Just recently we added a new book for babies called "Mesmerised". Mesmerised is a black and white book and appeals to newborn babies, it’s from an Australian illustrator and we are excited to have it as part of our collection.

-Why do people come to your stores? (What do you consider makes your store special/ stand out from others?)  Why are your products special? 

We would like to think it's because of our well thought out product selection, and our product knowledge. Our products are special in that we only pick products that we ourselves are passionate about.

-What is the question you are most commonly asked? 

It's always - where do you find these fabulous products?