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Il Tutto Baby Bags

September 03, 2012
Il Tutto Baby Bags

Il Tutto proves that mums can stay stylish no matter what the task at hand! 

These totes are designed to deliver function without sacrificing fashion. They come complete with a change mat, bottle holder, wet pack, deep pockets for storage of nappies and other bulky items, waterproof removable lining, adjustable straps (so you can strap it to the pram, as well) and of course the Il Tutto signature Teddy accessory. 

Clearly these bags are designed by mums who know there’s more to life than changing nappies, so room is left for other everyday essentials like your purse, mobile, sunnies, lippy and more.  And when your baby outgrows your bag, it doesn’t mean you have to as well – just remove the inside compartment lining and turn it into a standard over-sized handbag or small overnighter.

It’s no surprise that Il Tutto can be seen on many a celebrity mum’s arm – these bags take the daggy out of diaper!