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Keep the things you love close….with The Bednest by Danish by Design.

July 08, 2013
Keep the things you love close….with The Bednest by Danish by Design.

Being one of the most versatile bassinettes on the market, The Bednest will keep your mind at ease when bringing you new bundle of joy home. 

Being able to have your new born close to you in the first few months can be very beneficial. The Bednest can be easily attached to the parent’s bed so that feeding and settling can be done with minimal interruption to either baby or mother.
The mesh side has three positions: up fully, folded half or fully down depending what the situation. So feeding during the night, especially from mothers recovering from a caesarean, can be done with ease and little disruption. If baby sleeps well so does the whole family!

With The Bednest by your side creating a safe sleeping space will enhance bonding times for mother and baby. No need to worry about the fear of falling asleep with them in your bed and anything happening to them, as they sleep next to you in their own safe place.

If you don’t choose to have The Bednest beside you or when you decide it’s time, it will also independently fit well into the nursery. With height adjustable, the frame can be set on an angle which is a great assistance for babies who may suffer from reflux.

The Bednest can go where you go; the frame and the basket are fully collapsible, making it easy for travel and or storage.

So, for safety and peace of mind The Bednest is heaven sent!

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