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Perfect Nursery Tips

July 25, 2013
Perfect Nursery Tips

5 Tips On Creating The Perfect Nursery. All this news on the birth of the royal baby has got us thinking, and excited about, nurseries! We can only imagine what Kate & Will’s royal nursery may look like. Do you think they did their own design and decorating? If so, we wonder if they thought about some of the following tips to creating that perfect space for both you, and your newborn baby. When planning the design of your nursery, one of the best things you can always keep top of mind is achieving a space that is not only comfortable but functional. Click here to view products.

Tip 1: Lighting

Think about internal window coverings that provide adequate light block out – so the baby can have a restful sleep both during the night and day. Think about softer lighting options, or lights with dimmers, so as to provide minimal disturbance when entering the room whilst the baby is sleeping. A floor lamp is a great inclusion.

Tip 2: Heating & Cooling

Take care in selecting heating and cooling options so the baby remains comfortable in all weather conditions. Ensure windows and doors are well sealed so as to better control the temperature of the room.

Tip 3: Wall Coverings

What to do on the walls! There are some amazing nursery wall decals, beautiful calming pastel paint colours and gorgeous nursery themed wallpaper on the market. Pick something you love and build the theme throughout the room. If selecting paint, keep in mind products that are low in VOCs – unstable, carbon containing compounds.

Tip 4: Tip Flooring

When selecting flooring be aware of the materials noise factor, you don’t want to wake the baby when you peek in too check up on the little one. Also keep in mind the flooring material should ideally be easily cleaned and maintained.

Tip 5: Storage

Along with a baby, comes lots of baby clothes, toys, items etc. A great storage solution is desirable. Think about built in cabinetry and shelving units and portable boxes that are easily packed and stacked away. If you follow some of these handy tips, you’ll have a nursery fit for a prince or princess in anytime!

Image courtesy of Incy Interiors.