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Make The Most of Storage in Your Nursery 

September 25, 2013
Make The Most of Storage in Your Nursery

Make The Most of Storage in Your Nursery

If a lack of space is a regular stress and you can’t find enough storage solutions for your nursery, then you should find these tips handy. A nursery can be one of those rooms that starts life as a perfect picture, only to fall into a state of disorder once the little one arrives. To achieve more calm than clutter, here are some simple storage solution ideas.

An Oldie, But a Goldie

A toy box can be a treasured piece in a nursery or small child’s room. A hide-away spot for all their loved toys (except for the favourites, which of course have pride of place on the bed), toy boxes make for charming storage solutions and will suit most room decors.



Thinking Outside The Box

Don’t stick with standard boxes alone when you can look for more novel storage containers as well. Bulbous glass jars can be a lot of fun when turned into storage units, and are the perfect spot to house smaller bits and bobs such as Lego pieces and other items that can run a muck!

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The Bookcase Is The Place

Books, books and more books! Some nurseries seem to be bursting at the seams keeping up with all the books a little person receives in their first few years (let alone when they get older and start to read on their own!). Bookcases remain the best way to store these items. You can have fun with how you do this – some people like to arrange their books in rainbow coloured lines, others like to use special trinkets, framed family photos and objects to serve as beautiful book-ends. You can certainly turn your child’s nursery bookcase into much more than storage solution!



The Faithfuls

Wardrobes and chests of drawers have forever been some of the most reliable, practical storage solution ideas for nurseries. Never underestimate just how much these old faithfuls can store!




Why opt for two pieces of furniture when you can have two in one? More and more brands are recognising the value in designing multi-purpose furniture, so if you need to purchase multiple pieces just check beforehand to see whether or not they might in fact come as one!



We think there can never be enough storage solutions for a home – we hope this helps you find some extra space in your child’s nursery.