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Meet The Trincos 

October 17, 2013
Meet The Trincos

Let us introduce you to the Trincos.

You don’t know them, so from your perspective they pretty much look like the ideal family; organised, orderly, all-together.

In mum Lucie Trinco’s words, they’re currently deep in survival mode.

IMG 5586

Firstly – there’s the gorgeous girls. All three of them. All under four. Francesca (Frankie) is the independent and headstrong eldest who is prone to wearing her heart on her sleeve, a trait Lucie says comes from her dad, Mario.

Clementine is 19 months old. With such a delicate name, you’re probably anticipating a petal personality but in fact, Clementine is the boy the Trincos never had.

Then there’s tiny Luella, all of nine weeks old. Her personality is obviously still a little dormant but so far, so good. By the time Lucie has a chance to get to Luella, she’s usually fallen asleep. A car trip with the girls altogether is anything but orderly. Most of the time it invariably involves Luella crying and Frankie telling her mum and nausea ‘Lulu’s crying, Lulu’s crying, Lulu’s crying…” Nothing a Dora the Explorer CD can’t sort out.

IMG 5657

Secondly – there’s the house. Of course the Trincos are renovating. As Lucie says, if you want something done, then ask a busy person to do it. They’ve bought a rambling old weatherboard on the edge of a national park. It’s a far cry from the inner city living Frankie and Clementine have known until now. The girls now spend their weekends venturing around the expansive garden and being entertained by the wild rabbits and bush turkeys that are still a delightful novelty.

Thirdly – there’s the career. Lucie is the founder and designer of leather nappy bags and accessories brand, Il Tutto. With a name inspired by her husband’s Northern Italian heritage, Il Tutto was established by Lucie seven years ago. Prior to that she was the head designer for Oroton, but wanted to go out on her own in an effort to strike a better work/life balance.

IMG 5508

To that end, Wednesdays are officially ‘Mummy Day’, a chance for Lucie to be 100% with her girls, to take them to and from school, to and from ballet (Frankie loves it but Clementine is, you guessed, a little like a gorgeous elephant in a china shop). Mummy Day was invented when Lucie found herself distracted at work thinking about her girls, but then distracted when with her girls and thinking about work. Now she has Mummy Day, there’s a metaphorical line in the sand that enables her to better live the present moment.

IMG 5590
IMG 5656

Talking to the Trincos you get the feeling that survival mode might actually be a lot of fun!

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